I Heart Books
2005-03-07 - 3:32 p.m.

Books #5 and 6 are finished! Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs was #5 and I actually finished that one about a week ago. All I can say is thank baby Jebus I have such a normal family. If my mom left me in a place where a child pooed on the living room floor and no one did anything about it I honestly donít know what I would do. It is just so beyond bizarre. Really good book, though. Burroughs is a great writer and he tells the story in such a matter of fact way that while you are sitting there going ďOh my God, how do people do that to children and look at themselves in the mirror!Ē there is no sense of "poor me, donít you feel sorry for me?Ē in his writing. It is very matter of fact, which I liked because it made it all that much more real, this was normal for him while he was growing up and that is what makes it so twisted and so amazing that he has become a successful, normal person as an adult.

Book 6 is To the Last Man I Slept With and All the Jerks Just Like Him by Gwendolyn Zepeda. I laughed very hard. Itís a collection of essays, some fictional, some autobiographical. I started out reading her blog and when she posted that she was getting a book published I went out and bought it to support her cause. It turned out to be a really good book, so I feel it was a good investment.

Anyway, thatís really all I have for today. Iím up to my neck in Theater Festival, so thatís pretty much been the only thing I can focus on and that makes for boring entries. In fact the next few weeks will probably be pretty dry as I have theater on the brain until the end of March. Itís my very own March Madness! Woo! First round draft pick: Snotty Director Who Canít Communicate! Woo! Newly acquired trade: Mediocre Actress Prone to Diva Fits! Woo! And, Team Captain: Old Buildings with Suspect Wiring! Woooo! Hee. Iím funny sometimes.

So, if you donít hear from me for a while, never fear, Iím still around Iím just comatose or I canít think of anything interesting. TTFN.

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