Cranky Pants
2005-01-24 - 4:55 p.m.

Well, Obnoxious Co-Workerís wife had her baby yesterday. Congratulations! So, I am solo at work today. Itís actually kind of nice. I wouldnít mind being the only one here if everyday was like Monday in January. And if I actually only had to do what was in my job description. Heh. Iím funny.

So, since I am the only one here, I pretty much canít leave the counter for more than a minute or two. Sometimes this is bad. I have another co-worker weíll call Giggles, to avoid confusion. Well, Giggles is bored today, apparently, so he comes into my room to talk to me. He is a nice person, but I have work to do and to be perfectly honest I donít really want to talk about the things he comes in to talk about. See, he comes in to ask a ďrealĒ question, even though it is usually not really necessary, then he just stands there looking at me while I go back to my work. And just stands there. And stands there. And stands there. You get the picture? Then he will try to start a conversation about what he did that weekend or something, and, nothing personal, but I donít really need to hear about beer addled ďNight of the Living DeadĒ film festivals or whatever it is he was up to. I have things to do. Even if I donít, I really donít want to spend the day babbling about nothing until the conversation comes around to how overworked you are. We are all overworked and underpaid here. You are not alone. It sucks enough without dragging it through the wringer every ten minutes. If I tell you I need something done that is in your realm of responsibility, I donít need a ten minute diatribe of what that will entail and how many other things you have to do first. If it is going to take you a while, say OK, but I probably wonít be able to get to it until tomorrow. I will say, OK, thatís fine, and life will go on. OR, you could spend the twenty minutes you wasted complaining about doing it, um, doing it. Though I canít say Iíve never procrastinated around here, so Iím going to gloss over that option.

Right now he comes in here every time a resume comes through the email server (he is on the dist. list as well) he comes into my office to discuss them in fine detail. Iím not reading them when they come in. Iím printing them and putting them in a folder to go through at the end of the day. I do not want to talk about it any more. No, you cannot take whomever we hire for this position and put them in your department part of the time. That will not work. For reals. Iím not going to discuss what we are looking for in an applicant anymore. That has been figured out already. It isnít really going to change at this point. Gah!

Also, he uses this one phrase over and over and it drives me crazy. He always says, ďFair enoughĒ at the end of a discussion and 9 times out of 10 it is incorrect and makes no sense!!!! I hate that!!! Fair enough indicates that some kind of compromise or at the very least an impasse stopping compromise has occurred. If you ask me what time it is and I say 3:00, fair enough is not a good response. It makes no sense. I feel like Inigo Montoya. ďYou keep using that phrase. I do not think it means what you think it means. Prepare to dieĒ OK, not the last part. At least not yet. But I have studied Hisaglipa.

I think Iím a little cranky today.

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