I Hate People Sometimes
2008-10-07 - 6:06 p.m.

OK, I was going to link to each of these individually, but it takes too long and Megan’s diatribe is too spot on to ignore. You do not, ever, for any reason tell an African-American member of the Press Corps to, “sit down, boy.” You never say that to ANYBODY for any reason, but this is in no way tolerable and if someone in your election support personnel is stupid enough to say something like that you call them on the carpet immediately and do not allow it to happen again. You do not tacitly ignore it so as not to lose that one stupid vote or to keep the idiot racists in the country on your side while hoping the saner thinking people just won’t notice. We notice.


This is reprehensible. It is completely intolerable and it shows just how stupid and ignorant people can be. I hate that this is happening, but at the same time not at all surprised. I swear, it is 2008 and this should not be happening in the “land of the free.” Yes, that was sarcasm.

Now, I know I have a tiny little blog that no one cares about, but I’m still going to post this and hope that maybe it’ll push the information a little further along and maybe reach a person or two in a swing state who can push it a little further so that all of the sane Republicans (yes, they exist and there are more than you think) and undecided folks can see who these people really are and the “values” they represent.

OK, that was preachy and twee but I don’t care. I can’t find more eloquent words at the moment but I don’t want to ignore this for a stupid reason like that.

So, anyway, pass the word, I guess. No need to link to me, you can go strait to Jezebel or any of the stories inside the article, I don’t care, the information is the important thing. In situations like this staying silent is condoning and I can’t do that.

*steps down off of Soap Box*

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