I'm Still Here!
2008-07-21 - 5:16 p.m.

I swear Iím not dead! Everythingís fine!

So, I guess Iíve fallen into horribly bad blogging habits lately. I have a lot of time to account for, but honestly, I probably wonít have the time or the inclination to cover everything. Such is life. Also know that I have been reading other folks, I just haven't had much time or energy for pithy commenting. I'll try to be better about this as well.

Anyway, much to discuss. I went to coryphella and frawstís incredibly lovely and heartwarming wedding in June. It really was the nicest ceremony. Coryphellaís dress was beautiful and frawst wore Red Socks, as was to be expected. I also got to spend time in Boston and Somerville with a wonderful friend of mineís from High School that I donít get to see nearly enough of. It was so much fun being able to run around with her and meet all the people I hear her talk about but have never met.

I also ran down (up? Down? My knowledge of New England geography leaves something to be desired, Iím afraid) to New York to spend a few days with my cousin. That was an awesome time. I love being able to hang out with my cousins on our own now that weíre a bit older. New York was great, I didnít pressure myself to do anything specific while I was there so I was able to just relax and wander around and take things in as they are. One day I spent two and a half hours chatting with two cops on street patrol just because. It was fun, they were funny and obviously know a lot about the town and were able to give me great ideas about where I should go for food and such. All in all it was a great vacation. I also have to say that the TVs on Jet Blue make 8 hour flights SO much more tolerable. So much better than being forced to watch some dumbass movie you have no interest in.

Work kinda sucks right now. Our company was bought and now weíre going through the whole layoffs/ overtime cuts/ low morale crap that always happens. I canít really see whatíll happen for me through all this, but it is giving me an opportunity to stop and think about what I really want to do with myself, career wise. So yeah, itís scary and stressful and lame, but I think some good will come out of it for me. Stay tunes for more on that front. Maybe next time Iíll be able to tell you what color my parachute REALLY is.

So, thatís the quick update through last week. Iím going to stop this here and pick up next time. If for no other reason than I know I have a story for another entry, so Iíll feel the need to post it. Iíll also try to get together at least a few travel pictures (coryphella and frawst, if you donít want wedding shots posted for the whole world to see (or at least my audience of, oh, 12 people), just say the word and it shall be done.).

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