Hell Week
2008-04-08 - 10:15 p.m.

Hell day is here. I should be cueing right now, but I need a break from the lovely Strand Live screen.

Iím a lot more mellow than normal right now. Thatís good, I think, but also bad. A big part of why Iím not stressing out is because I really just donít care all that much about the show. I just donít like it. Itís dumb, dumber than most musicals, and there is really no special effects or major problem solving for me to focus on instead. Itís all just sort of meh. At the same time, Iím kind of enjoying not being super stressed out about a show. My rep plot is intact, Iím using my same hookup from the last show, just with the specials swapped out, itís really reached the point Iíve been pushing for at this space for the last three years. Itís kind of awesome to see that my concept is actually sound and as I perfect it life just gets easier and easier. Now I just need to put a real, permanent plot together on paper, now that I know itís how I want it and just leave it as is. Itís funny, in a way, it feels like designing in reverse, almost. Just keep putting stuff up and taking it down until it looks right, THEN put it on paper. Itís working, though, so Iím not going to question it.

I think I need to clean up my hard drive a bit. It seems like programs and stuff are starting to run a little slower than they used to. It makes sense, I have a ton of show photos and music and such on here; they should be moved onto memory sticks or something so they donít need to take up all kinds of space on here. I have backup CDs for most of it, the important stuff anyway, but I think flash drives or something as well, have all the important stuff in two places on two kinds of storage, is probably a good idea. At least it feels like a good idea.

Wow, could this entry get a little more boring? Iím talking about computer memory. Thrilling.

Anyway, Iím actually appearing on stage for the first time in years and years. Iím playing the part of ďCircus Vet.Ē I walk out and take the snake from the snake charmer and take it back off. Yes, we have a live snake on stage. Also a chicken and a dog. Itís a zoo, but hey, Iíll have things to do during the show, which makes it a little less tedious.

I have to say, I never know what to expect from student follow spot operators. I want to be much more precise and detailed than I usually end up being. We always have new kids, so theyíre all learning brand new, so thereís a steep learning curve. Because of this, I usually let the little things slide, like clean pick ups and making sure they match exactly. At the same time, I really want them to do it, and I also feel like maybe Iím doing them a disservice by not letting them know what will be expected outside of this place. What it really comes down to is, they have four days to figure it out, and most of the time theyíre 14 years old. Itís silly to expect professional level skill and Iím too tired and I have too many other things to get right before opening night. Trade offs, itís just trade offs.

I have to fix one of the strip lights. I really, really hope itís just a burn out. I donít want to have to try to rewire the stupid thing.

Well, rehearsal is winding down, Iím just going to post this now and move along to my clean up.

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