Ho Hum
2007-12-19 - 4:04 p.m.

I want to write something but I donít know if I have much to say. Itís been weird around here. Nothing bad has happened, just a lot of changes and adjustments which have ended up leaving me just feeling weird. Christmas doesnít feel like Christmas yet, and I donít think it will at all this year and that makes me a little sad. Iíve never been a huge Christmas person, but Iíve always enjoyed it. Iím trying to figure out how I fit into all the adjustments (because none of them are mine, they all are the people around meís adjustments) and find my new place. The problem is, that to a certain degree it seems like I donít really have a place, at least not one that I donít need to create myself.

Anyway, thatís boring, but itís a small glimpse into my headspace which is the easiest way to explain lack of posting since my NaNoBloPoMo bail out.

Overall, though, things are OK. Job is good. Sister is having a baby in January. Itís all going along. There are a lot of things I want that I canít have, but thatís true for everyone.

Iíve been really, really tired lately. Itís about time for a check up anyway, so Iím thinking I make the appointment soon just to be safe. It doesnít matter how much I sleep, I wake up exhausted. Itís kind of nuts.

OK, this is getting more melancholy than I want. It really isnít all bad, I just donít have much to say right now. I canít even find a meme or anything to fill the space. Oh well.

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