Overtime Thoughts
2007-09-24 - 7:01 p.m.

Well, this will be interesting. Iíve impromptu decided to earn a little overtime and Iím working on a project in a database that is slower than freakiní molasses, so Iíll write an entry while I do it. I donít promise anything interesting. It may end up just being stream of consciousness crap. But hey, thatíll just make me more like 90% of blogs out there, right?

My birthday is next weekend. Not only is it my 30th, but itíll also be my Golden Birthday, Iím turning 30 on the thirtieth. I donít really know how I feel about this. Overall, I think Iím fine with it. Iím kinda ready for my twenties to be over. At the same time, I canít help but have that little twinge, that Fairy Princess Fantasy twinge that really thinks I should have certain things dealt with by now. Things that I havenít even started on. For the most part this twinge can stick it where the sun donít shine, but it doesnít change that itís there, if that makes sense.

Iím still at a complete impasse about Grad School (notice the scary capitalization on there). I think it would be an easier decision if going didnít absolutely require moving. ACT really needs to expand their MFA program to include a design major. Itís really not fair that there is such a good acting program right within San Francisco and no program worth anything in the entire Bay Area for design.

Heh, the barcode number that I just entered into the Database is 24601. How very appropriate given what I was just talking about. I am such a theater dork.

Anyway, overall, though, Iím pretty happy about turning thirty. Everyone Iíve talked to better be right about thirties being better than the twenties or yíall will have some Ďsplaining to do.

Yeah, see I warned you about stream of consciousness during overtime hours. I donít think Iíll be trying to push this much longer. I should head home soon while I can still change and get to the gym.

So, I have my nifty quote a day calendar. Todayís quote is from Gwyneth Paltrow. She says, ďI donít want to be rich and I donít want to be famous.Ē I call bullshit on that. If that were really the case she would retire from Hollywood, give all her money to UNICEF and go teach drama in a High School somewhere in Iowa. I understand that fame isnít all itís cracked up to be and all that, but seriously, give me a break. No one has to be an actor. Itís not like low income kids who feel like their only option is to join the army or work in the local factory or anything. You have to try to be an actor; you choose it as a profession and fight for it, even if you are lucky enough to have connections that smooth the road a bit. If you are lucky enough to get ahead, fame is the price. Everything comes with a price. Also, something tells me little Gwynnie would start singing a different tune the first time she had to try to buy a Stella McCartney dress or Faragamo pumps on a ďregular JoeísĒ salary. Itís very easy to talk shit about your privilege when youíve had it all your life.

OK, well, I guess Iíll just have to leave everyone with that little rant. Itís time to clean up and go home.

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