Catch up Round up
2007-09-14 - 4:24 p.m.

Wow, I have been a very lax blogger lately. I wonder if anyone at all still even bothers to check if Iíve written anything?

Well, anyway, life has been interesting lately. My sister got married at the end of August, August 23rd to be exact. It was very, very impromptu (like 36 hour notice impromptu) but it was lovely. The ceremony was in Lake Tahoe on an outcrop overlooking the lake. Very nice, sweet, simple ceremony. She also found out that her baby is going to be a boy. Both she and my new BIL are very excited.

In sadder news, my grandpa died right before the wedding. That is very sad, Iím going to miss him a lot, but at the same time he had been so sick and in so much pain that it is really a mercy that his suffering is over. We had the funeral mass last weekend and it was really nice. Itís funny, though, even though he had been dead for two weeks it didnít really feel real until after the funeral. I sort of feel like there is more to say, like I should talk about him, tell you guys how wonderful he was, because he really was, but I just donít know what to say about it. I guess thatís part of why itís taken me so long to post something about this. I just donít have words right now. Maybe down the line a bit I can tell you more.

Other than that, Iíve been working on the Fringe Festival, which wraps up this Sunday. Itís been a good year with a lot of really good shows. I think my favorites so far are Party of One, Korean Badass, Super Glossy! and Poet Monkey Stand Up! Yes, all those exclamation points are part of the titles. There are a few more things Iíd like to see, but itíll sort of depend on the crowds and my schedule. Iíve already gotten to see way more shows that I did last year, so Iím pretty happy. Also? Two Poison songs in one day. What more could you ask for?

Day Job is chugging along just fine, nothing interesting to report there. The High School is doing Our Town for the fall play. That should prove interesting.

Iíve been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Not sick, just sort of blech. I think itís just because with all the stuff going on over the last few weeks Iíve been a bit stressed out, and not sleeping enough, and eating pretty crappily. Once Fringe wraps up Iím going to get back on the bring your lunch- cook real dinners- actually go to the gym instead of just talking about it- plan.

So, thatís about all there is for now. I feel like after a month or whatever I should have more to talk about, but I really donít.

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