Sunrise, Sunset
2007-08-09 - 4:19 p.m.

Well, things have been a bit stressful around here but now they are calming down and I feel like I can process them a little bit.

My grandpa went into the hospital last weekend with a heart attack. The doctors basically told my dad that this is pretty much it and we all needed to come by if we wanted to see him again. It was really hard to hear and hard to process. I went to see him with my sister and dad on Monday. I'm really glad I did and it wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared. He was pretty lucid and we were able to talk and we did a whole lot of "hey, you remember that time?" because his long term memory was much stronger than his short term. Anyway, I cried on the BART ride home, but at the same time I was really glad I went. My grandpa is a really good, wonderful person and I know I would have been really pissed at myself if I hadn't gone to see him.

Anyway, My dad called me the next day and apparently everything has changed. His condition has completely stabilized, his sugar levels are normal (he's severely diabetic), and his kidneys are responding to treatment. He's been moved out of the ICU and while we aren't out of the woods yet things are really looking up. I'm almost afraid to put all of this in writing because I don't want to jinx anything.

In other news, my sister is going to have a baby. She showed me the sonagram the other day. It looks like a little kidney bean. It's still too early to know if it's a boy or a girl but she's really excited and so far everything is looking good.

Other than that, not much is up. I've been pretty busy with the above large pieces of business. I'm doing a show at the Dance Space this weekend, it's pretty interesting so far and the group is really nice and very mellow so it's been a good gig. I'm finding that I like technician work right now because it makes me feel very compitant, if that makes any sense.

Also this weekend I get to play with furry little kittens!

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