I Am Not A Crook...
2007-07-05 - 7:30 p.m.

You know, I sort of feel like I should comment on the whole Scooter Libby thing even if I am a bit late to the party. While I am totally pissed about it, Iím so not surprised that I just canít get worked up over it. Right after I heard the report on the news I just thought to myself, ďThis was their plan the whole time. Bush or Cheney told Libby he had to be the fall guy, so he had to go to trial and would probably be found guilty but they would make sure he didnít do any time.Ē At this point he wonít go to jail but he will still have to pay the $250,000 fine, be on probation for two years, and he will be a convicted felon.

The thing is you know whichever Cheney-linked corporation that hires Libby on as a ďconsultantĒ for $500,000 a year is going to just decide that he really deserves a $250,000 signing bonus so he isnít going to have to pay the fine at all. As for the probation, well, when you have the means to live relatively easily probation really doesnít limit you in any practical way. Heís going to have to tell his probation officer anytime he wants to travel out of state and really needs to make sure he doesnít get pulled over for a DUI. Boo hoo. As far as being a convicted felon, well, that isnít how anyone wants to introduce themselves at a dinner party or anything, but again, it is not going to hurt his chances of getting a job, he has the money and connections to get anything he wants, and he isnít in nearly the sort of situations that make life difficult for most felons.

Basically, his only punishment is that depending on which state he lives in, he might lose his right to vote. But he can always apply for clemency, which is once again where those connections come in.

Basically, he got away with it and the douche who actually committed the real crime isnít even going to trial at all. Honestly, I think most people are as tired as I am at this point at how blatantly Bush is willing to flout his power and corruption that there is just no energy left to get worked up about this. I mean, I am really upset, but at the same time I just canít muster any more energy with all the crap this guy has already pulled. Iím at the point where I just donít understand how there are people in the country who can look at what heís done and not see it. I donít want to say they are stupid; I have no idea if they are or not, I just donít see how they can listen to the same news reports I do and still trust this man and reelect him and continue to support him. I just donít understand.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, money sucks. I have budgeted within an inch of my life and I still canít come out ahead. Add to the mix that just the other day my car totally died on me and thereís a real question as to whether the warranty will cover it or not. I donít have any way at all to pay for this repair. If it isnít covered I really have no idea what Iím going to do. I need my car since most of my theater work isnít really bus-able and I need the theater work to pay the bills. Even when I try to make it up by doing a bunch of overtime it ends up pushing me into another tax bracket for the week so I donít get to take home nearly what I should. Fuck, it just sucks.

Anyway, this is just a bit of a vent session I think. If I have time to bitch about politics I must still be doing ok, right?

Well, if anyone knows about a good (legit) way to bring in a bit of extra cash from home, let me know. Heh.

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