Warning: Rant
2007-06-20 - 2:28 p.m.

Where I work I am basically part of a typing pool. We don't belong to any specific client or job, we float around and help whever needs help. What this really means is that I work on several jobs at once. I have a coworker who has suddenly been hit with a landslide of work. We are helping her with it, as is how it works, but we can't drop everything for it because we still have all of our other projects which need to meet their deadlines as well. She has been over in our cube at least twice a day whining about how the deadlines aren't beeing met and how she wants things done. It is getting really rediculous. First off, she's being a complete control freak about the process when I'm sitting here thinking, "dude, it's data entry, a monkey could do this." She says that what she really wants is an assistant who's only job is to deal with this kind of thing. Which is ever so practical in idea for a situation that only happens twice a year. Then she just sits and complains about us not meeting the deadlines and how she doesn't want to get in trouble with the higher ups eventhough my manager keeps telling her that this happens, the bosses know it happens and everyone knows we don't have enough people and time to turn this around fast enough so don't stress about it. Also, we all just want her to go away already and just let us work. It'll get done a lot faster that way. She also isn't the world's best communicator, so figuring out what she really wants us to do isn't all that easy either. Basically she's being a big baby about this and I really just wish she would put n her big girl panties already and just get the job done.

OK, rant over. She really is a nice, smart woman, she's just ended up in over her head this time. The thing that worries me about it, though, is that it isn't an unusual circumstance in our company and if she's going to fall apart like this every time something isn't ideal, well, life is not going to be very easy for her. Doubley unfortunate is that this means it will probably not be very easy for me either.

Other than that, things are good. I'm catching up on some of my sleep and eating better. Father's Day was a lot of fun, we went to my Granpa's house and hung out with him for a while. He is such a funny man. Then we had dinner with my parents.

That's about all. I really just needed to get that stuff off my chest.

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