Nothin' Doin'
2007-06-15 - 3:31 p.m.

I keep telling myself that Iím going to update more. Then I look at the dates and realize that a week, or two weeks, or *gasp* a month has gone by without putting anything down here. Maybe I need to get one of those books that are nothing but a long list of ideas for journal entry topics. But honestly, do you really care about my favorite pet growing up? I didnít think so.

My official theater hiatus begins at midnight tonight. I have to help one show tour to another venue in a couple of weeks, but Iím not counting that because I can already tell Iíll basically just be pointing and telling other people what to do. I can handle that.

This weekend, Iím going to work a little overtime, clean my house and sleep in. Very dull and boring, but for me itís bliss. I have a few phone calls to return as well. I havenít been very good at that as of late. Of course, if I had called you back the conversation would have been, ďHey, you called. Whatís up? Is it important, because I have to go into rehearsal in five minutes?Ē Not much room for chit chat and catching up right now, also my phone phobia has ratcheted up to Olympian levels. If you are one of the people I desperately owe a call to, I apologize. It isnít personal, Iím not ignoring you. Iíve barely had time to call back my own mother.

Anyway, Life is going all right. My new Roommate (Roomie 6.0 until I come up with something better) is settling in and doing well. Sheís very nice and I think weíre going to get along just fine. Iím looking forward to having some time to actually go through the apartment and get rid of the stuff that doesnít belong to either of us so she can have some space for herself. There is definitely a huge Goodwill run in my future. I keep thinking I should have a garage sale or something, but none of the crap I have is really worth the trouble. Maybe if we were having, say, a block wide sale or something Iíd throw it out on a table, but itís mostly old clothes that are usable, but not exactly fashionable and just silly knick knacks and random bits and pieces. No books or toys or furniture or any of the other things that make garage sales worth planning and setting up and sitting in your driveway all day for. So, I take it all to Goodwill and let them sort the wheat from the chaff.

Iíve got about a half hour before I need to cut out of here and head over to the ďtheater.Ē I tried to get out earlier, but there was just too much to do and Iíve been waiting on other people before I could finish certain things, which is frustrating. Ah well, it could be much worse. I know; Iíve experienced much worse.

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