This and That
2007-05-31 - 3:06 p.m.

Well, I found a new roommate. She seems very nice and sheís moving in on the 1st. You have no idea how much easier Iím breathing now.

I am, however, very cold right now. For some reason my little corner of my cube is freezing today and while I did wear long sleeves (because the sun has yet to show itís face today) Iím still cold and only have my heavy jacket to put on, which makes it rather hard to work. It is a Catch 22. I actually think Iíll grab some tea in a bit, thatíll help.

So, I am working on the last of my shows before my summer hiatus. Itís an outdoor Shakespeare festival. The shows are going really well, we ran the first act of Julius Caesar last night, but itís outside, in Menlo Park. Iím not sure what it is about the geography there, but itíll be 95 degrees at noon and 45 at 8pm. It is bloody freezing and really, really windy. Last night I wore long sleeves, a hoody, my heavy SF Opera jacket, a hat, gloves, and had a blanket wrapped around me. I was wishing the whole night for a scarf and hot drinks. I actually stopped and bought a thermos on the way home so I could make sure I had something hot tonight. Iíve been trying to decide if itís worth trying to make chai with milk or just go simple with plain herbal tea. Iíll probably just go with whatever I feel like making when I stop home to change.

There is only one thing Iím really looking forward to when this show opens. Well, there are a couple of things, but the biggest is that I will finally, for the first time in a couple of months, be able to go home at night and cook real food for myself. Out by the festival the only restaurant thatís open when I get out there is Jack in the Box, the only other real options that fits into the time table is In n Out on the way through Daily City. Now, I love the In n Out, and Jack in the Box actually has a few things that arenít half bad and arenít nearly as unhealthy as the usual burger and fries (I highly recommend the chicken brucetta ciabatta.) but itís still fast food and there is still quite a bit of grease and empty calories. I want real food that I made from chicken from the freezer, and whole vegetables, and quiet tv and a glass of wine to go with it. Iím actually starting to feel pretty run down, not sick, just blah, and I think a good portion of it comes from just not eating well for so long. I have been making an effort to at least grab a cereal bar (I found some good bran based ones that are pretty tasty) and an apricot or something else nutritious for breakfast and sticking with sandwiches and Soup Company and such for lunch and thatís helping a bit. I also am looking forward to getting home early enough to not only make myself dinner, but to put something together for lunch as well. When Iím getting home at midnight and getting up at 6am I just do not have the energy or wherewithal to pack a lunch. I need to do that more, though. Itís really expensive buying lunch everyday, especially if you want something better than McDonalds, and given what else Iíve been eating McDonalds has never sounded less appealing in my life. Cheeseburgers are one of my favorite foods, but I have a feeling I wonít be eating one for quite a while.

Anyway, today has been pretty busy after all and I need to finish up my work so I can head out a few minutes early and make my way to the frozen tundra of Menlo Park.

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