I Dreamed a Dream of Days Gone By
2007-05-10 - 4:29 p.m.

So, again I find myself starting entries and just not posting them because they are so boring even I donít want to read them.

Life is sort of at a stasis point right now, nothing really new, nothing in the works, well nothing significant anyway. At least that was true until last night. I have to find a new roommate again. God, I hate looking for roommates. Why couldnít this one just stick around for a while?? Am I really that hard to live with? Iím never home! Actually heís going back to his home state to go back to school, but still, this is getting ridiculous. It almost makes me want to just give up and move out. Except that would be even more work than finding a new roommate. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. All of my reserves have been completely depleted over the last year or so during the months I couldnít find anyone. I really canít afford to swing a month on my own again. I hate this. I really wish I could afford a decent place on my own. Well, I canÖ in East Oakland.

Anyway, Iíve been having all of these crazy stressful dreams. You know the ones where you wake up feeling like you just ran a mile but you canít remember most of what happened, just bizarre little bits and pieces? Like this morning, I woke up very upset but all I could remember was that I kept going into this second hand store looking at a dress I should buy for a wedding I was supposed to be a bridesmaid in but that I REALLY didnít want to go to so I kept putting off buying the dress. I have no idea why I didnít want to go or why it was really so very upsetting, but it was. I wonít tell you any others, I know hearing about other peopleís dreams is the most boring thing in the world; I just wanted to give an example. My brain is working overtime trying to figure out something. I just wish I knew what it was because maybe then I could resolve it. I could use a really good nightís sleep for a change.

The grown up show is up and running (Crystal Daze, through May 26 at the Exit theater on Eddy St, if you have a free Friday or Saturday) and going well. Itís tough to run but I think Iím finally getting the hang of it. The cast is getting into their groove too, which is good to see. Three more weeks and thatís finished up too.

Money is really tight right now but itís my own damn fault so I really canít complain too much. I just need to tough it out and work as much overtime as I can. Hopefully I can squeeze in a couple of hours this weekend before heading out to paint. We shall see, though. I might have to just suck it up and stay late next week to get a few extra hours.

Well, Iím devolving into the mundane again, so before I give up and just delete it for being too boring Iím just going to post this.

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