Checking In
2007-03-13 - 5:04 p.m.

Well, it has been a long while and quite a bit has been going on, most of which is long and boring and not worth mentioning. The other part is I switched departments at the New Job. The story surrounding this is also long and complicated and Iíve analyzed it to death so I donít think I want to talk about that anymore either. The long and short of that one is: Iím on a new floor working with new, nice folks and the job is much more interesting (case in point: today I got to learn all about the use of MRIs in Altimers [which I know I have misspelled, but spell check is of no help at all] treatments), and most importantly, I am not unemployed.

The two shows are trucking along, though Iím starting to think that the Mercury retrograde has been taking its toll on one of them. I generally donít believe in horoscopes, as I have mentioned, but, man, some outside force must be driving the number of illnesses, crapping timings, and unnecessary stress plaguing the cast and crew. Iím hoping it passes soon, since it has just not been fun.

Anyway, other than that things are going well. Iíve been a little overwhelmed and I feel like I may really have bitten off more than I can chew this time, but itíll be ok. I just need to muscle through until the end of the month, then itíll get easier.

I have come to realize there really isnít much more to say right now, I thought there was. Huh.

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