Navel Gazing
2006-12-20 - 4:52 p.m.

I am so very tired right now. Iím supposed to go out to dinner tonight but I just want to go home and sleep. I have no idea when Iím supposed to clean my house before my guests show up or do my laundry or finish my Christmas shopping. Iím out of time. I hate running out of time. As much as taking the bus to work has helped me out it has also created a whole new set of obstacles.

Iím getting sad. I donít want to be, and I have a lot of good that I should be focusing on, but Iím only seeing the dark sides of things right now. I have deadlines up the wazoo for Big, I havenít even started Christmas shopping, mostly because I have no money to shop with, I need a haircut so bad it isnít funny, I havenít been to the gym in forever, Iím just not happy. I just need to get through the week. Actually, I need to get through New Years. And I really need to clean the house. I know thatís bothering me more than Iím letting myself think. I really need to put a whole mess of stuff into that cardboard box and put it out for CP. Including all those clothes in my room. Keep the good dresses to sell, but everything else just out for donation. Then sell the damn dresses already. I am so lazy sometimes.

I do really like my new icons I put on my desktop. Little Dinosaurs walking across the screen make me smile.

Ok, so this next part is totally boring and mostly just for my own reference to keep me from forgetting, so please feel free to skip if you so desire.


Wash counters and stove
Mop (weíll see on this one)
Clear off the kitchen table. Throw out anything that isnít yours. Do not pass go.
Throw out dead plants (we can try again after the holidays.)
Take out the garbage.

Living Room:
Clean off Coffee Table
Clean out magazine baskets
Clear off dining table
Clear off telephone table
Go through bookshelf and get rid of anything that isnít yours. Be Merciless
Clean up movie shelf

Scrub tub and shower (MUST)
Wash sink
Go through cupboard and throw away anything that isnít yours. Give no quarter. (Sensing a trend?)
Get cleaning products under the kitchen sink.

Get rid of donation bag
Clear off desk
Sort and file important paper. Recycle anything unimportant. Damn the Torpedoes, Full speed ahead.
Purge the closet. Get rid of anything that does not fit, itches, pulls, is a bad color, disgustingly dowdy, etc, etc, etc. Take no prisoners.

Read it
Preliminary set sketches, floor plan type
Preliminary set sketches, elevations
Reformat costume plot
Lighting concept (ha!)

Repot Amaryllis
Get table/ bench/ something for plants on deck
Clean off hallway table
Roomba Hallway
Go through garage storage and get rid of anything that isnít mine.
Find new fixture cover for hallway light

I donít really expect to get all of this done in the next day and a half, but I want to see how much I can get done and have the rest in writing so I donít start to ignore it again. I really want to get rid of all the leftover crap. Ideally I would like to slap a fresh coat of white paint on the walls, too. They just look sad right now, especially the empty bedroom. It wouldnít take too long; the place isnít that big, as long as itís good paint that really covers well.

It has suddenly gotten very quiet at the office, but I canít leave until 5 because, well, a. I didnít get here until 9 this morning and b. Iím the only one left and someone needs to watch for scary email until the end of the business day. I just know four documents would come in at two minutes to five if I left early.

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