Ain't No Party Like a Left Coast Party 'Cause a Left Coast Party Don't Stop
2006-12-18 - 5:45 p.m.

So, my lovely friend from college, Philly, came out to visit this weekend and fun was had by all. It was a very fun filled weekend which started with my meeting him at the airport and taking him to the touristiest part of the City for dinner. We then went home and watched Office Space which he had never seen before. He now understands all the jokes heís been missing for the last seven years.

The next day found us being very lazy in the morning, then heading out for a spot of shopping and In Ďn Out Burger, which he had not had since his last visit to CA many, many years ago. There was joy. We then headed off to TeacherJenís place and continued on to the Mission to meet up with NikkiD and head over to Zeitgeist for WAY too many pitchers of beer. Another friend of ours from school met up with us there as well, heís been in the City for a while but this is the first time he came out to play. It was so nice to have everyone together. Well, we got very tipsy and headed home. Then slept late again, got up, met up with TeacherJen again and headed over to The Pork Store in the Mission for late brunch with NikkiD. After that is was time to better ourselves with some culture.

We headed down to the SF MOMA to expand our minds. There was a lot of really good art, including the Anselm Kiefer exhibition. NikkiD and I loved it. TeacherJen and Philly thought he needed Prozac. There were these amazing sculptures in lead and tin that were so beautiful and these enormous canvases, around 12 feet tall by 12-14 feet wide with these dark, impressionistic landscapes and scenes that have this amazing texture and depth to them. What I loved best about them was they looked completely different from far away and close up. One looked like there was a heavy spatter of black all over the picture, as I got closer I though ďoh my god, itís covered in bugs,Ē to getting up to the canvas and realizingÖ oh, itís sunflower seeds. Whew. Wait, sunflower seeds? It looked cool, though. My favorite looked like this long, dark corridor done all in browns and blacks. Standing one foot from the canvas it felt like you could keep walking down the hallway. There was also a fantastic video exhibit upstairs by an artist named Phil Collins (no relation). He went to Istanbul and put all these great posters up inviting people to come sing Smiths karaoke on video. I havenít laughed so hard in a museum, well, ever. One guy chose an instrumental piece and basically did interpretive dance. That alone was worth the price of admission. Add in a nifty metal sculpture set up to let you walk inside and see a Kaleidoscope and it was a very fulfilling visit.

After that we tried to go bowling but that didnít pan out so we all grabbed dinner with Mosey and headed to the second oldest bar in San Francisco where we met up with another friend I donít yet have a pseudonym for (donít worry, itíll come to me) and had a tamer, but still fun evening cocktail.

Now I am back to the daily routine. I am very tired, but instead of going home and cleaning my house, which I should do since The Dynamic Duo and the Amazing Squirmy are staying at my house this week, I am going to the Dark Room to see the Gas and Gulp Christmas Pageant with Cora Values. The most notable thing about this evening will be the lack of alcohol. My poor little body needs a break and I donít need any more empty calories. Itís bad enough Iím going to eat dinner in the Mission.

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