Lest I Forget...
2006-11-13 - 12:59 a.m.

So, you may have thought I stopped listing movies because I have giving up the 60 movies in a year challenge. Not so, ye of little faith, I am not afraid to go down in a blaze of glory coming nowhere near my stated goal yet scraping and clawing to do so all the way up until December 31st. I really just sort of forgot to write them down here. I actually have a pretty good list to put down thanks to Gen Y and Bone Daddyís Twelfth Annual Horror Movie Marathon (also known as the Year of Steve). There are a few others as well, but I really havenít had a whole lot of time to watch movies lately, so itís still a pretty meager list:

#26- The Illusionist- Very good. I really enjoyed it and recommend. I love Edward Norton, though, so thereís that as a bias.
#27- In the Mouth of Madness- First in the Marathon. I liked it, it was creepy and there was a lot of well thought out twists. The romantic subplot/ lead actress left something to be desired, but other than that I really liked it.
#28- Audition- This is a fucked up movie. I liked it, though, and I got to watch it with a lovely peanut gallery consisting of Bone Daddy, Wizard of Gay, Bitch Wand, and Mary Ann (May as well start using the ďcode names,Ē right BD?), which only enhanced the experience.
#29- The Amnityville Horror (remake)Iíve seen the original several times and there are elements of that movie that I really liked (it was the first movie to ever really give me nightmares) so I wasnít expecting much from a paltry remake, but the final verdict is: While the ending is the textbook of Deus ex Machina, and a very weak one at that, up until the last 5 minutes it is a much better movie than the original. I like the background story of the original a bit better, but this one is just overall a better story with better acting and miles and away better effects. Add in a hot man in wet pajamas and you have a winner... What? Oh please, ask any of the other women at the party that night and they will say the same thing.
#30- The Exorcism of Emily Rose I kept walking in and out of this one, as I was involved in several very stimulating conversations at the same time, so I probably shouldnít even count this one, but my rules, so neener neener, Iím counting it. From what I saw it was good, I think I really need to sit down and pay attention to it, though.
#31- Hostel OK, I have to be honest, I didnít like this one. It wasnít scary, it wasnít suspenseful, it was just gross. I also have a pretty iron stomach, and movies have never seemed ďrealĒ enough to me to ever really hit my squeamish buttons. I do, however have two trigger points: vomit and eyeballs, well, more specifically eye sockets. This one had a plethora of both, sometimes in the same scene. This is seriously the first time I have ever had to leave the room during a movie because I really felt sick. Though Iím sure the dayís diet of soda, chips, candy, and Taco Bell chased with Jamesonís didnít help.

OK, youíre all caught up. There were a few others at the festival, but I had seen all of them before (including Misery, which I had forgotten how fabulous it was). I will hopefully be able to add to the list soon, I might even rent one tonight, so I will finish out the year at a bit better than 50% of my goal, but I donít know if I will really finish it out as planned. We shall see.

Iím now procrastinating on my programming homework. Iím very confused right now and I have to have this figured out soon, but Iím so frustrated with this class right now I just really couldnít care less about finishing this problem. My partner is relying on me, though, so I have to do it. Have I mentioned how much I hate having a partner? She seems very nice and has been very patient with me, though.

I really didnít do much of anything today, and it was so very nice. I really should do a load of laundry tonight so I have something to wear tomorrow. I donít think itís going to happen. I am too content here. Except for the homework, of course.

I seem to be painting myself into corners a lot lately, my classes are a perfect example. Granted, when I registered for them I had no idea what kind of upheaval my life would end up going through, but I seem to be over extending myself more and more lately. Iíve always done it to a certain extent, but I seem to be doing even worse with it recently. I think part of it lies in the fact that at the beginning of the semester I was so very unhappy that I was just looking for as many ways to distract myself and give myself a sense of forward motion that I didnít think about the real time commitments involved. Now, my time has been redistributed quite a bit and it is too much to try to fit in everything I want to fit, though now that High School is up and running I get to have that more on the sidelines until April, which is good. I havenít decided if I want to continue with school next semester, though. Maybe a break is in order there, too. I need to go through the class schedule and figure that out.

I am adding one new thing; at least a short-term thing that I think will be good on many levels and will really take up minimal time. I am going to my first belly dancing class on Tuesday at Fat Chance Belly Dance. It will be so much fun. Iíve actually lit these guys a couple of times now and I love watching them, so now I am going to participate for at least a couple of weeks. Iím going with Ms F. who I work with a couple of times a year and who suggested it to me at the last benefit we were both at. We are going to a drop in class on Tuesday evening. I learned a little bit of this in Junior College from a friend of mineís grandma who is Egyptian and learned how to dance there when she was a girl before she immigrated to the US. She was 90+ years old, but she could still shake it. I never learned a whole lot, just enough to make it through one of the very few times I have performed onstage, but I still remember it and it was a lot of fun and Iím looking forward to trying again.

Is it obvious Iím procrastinating?

I hate how bad a procrastinator I am. It is probably one of my worst traits and I have been trying so hard to overcome it. Arg.

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