Just When You Thought it Was Safe...
2006-10-31 - 5:07 p.m.

Just when I thought it was safe to think things would calm down for a little while, my roommate tells me she is moving out. She got a job in Chicago, which is really good for her, and Iím happy for her, but good Lord. I already dealt with this once this year. Iím just really getting sick of having to find new roommates. Even though I know it isnít nearly as often as it seems, after starting out living with Dr. P for three years and having that be nice and comfy, itís sort of felt like a revolving door since then. I really do wish I could afford to live on my own. It would be so much easier and I would only have to worry about myself and I wouldnít feel like I was constantly trying to look for reliable people and having to make all these quick judgments on who I want to have share the space with me. Even if I could swing it there is no way on Godís green earth it would be as nice as my current place, which I am very attached to at this point; it really does feel like itís home, not just the place I live. I also know I would just slip into the worst parts of my hermit tendencies and pretty much never see living people unless it was absolutely necessary. I might, however, get more of my homework done on time. Arg, this is just so frustrating.

Anyway, speaking of homework, I donít know what to do about my programming class. Iím learning everything I need to learn, but, as I may have mentioned, the prof has no real concept of how online learning actually works, or the demographic of the students that take online classes, so Iím pulling a C when I should probably have a B+ or A-. Part of me wants to just blow it and get a D so I can retake the class with another professor and petition the grade. At the same time, though, I really donít want to have to do this work twice. Iím really, really attached to my 4.0, though. But I canít move ahead, which knowledge wise I could easily do, but not prerequisite wise, until I pass this class. Oh, whatíll I do? Follow my impatience or my vanity? Also, why is it the good professor who I can only say nice things about comes up for tenure review but the crappy one that I REALLY want to comment on doesnít?

Well, the day is done and it is time for me to go.

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