So Long, Farewell
2006-10-14 - 9:47 p.m.

So, I actually wrote this yesterday but I didnít get a chance to post it until now.

Today is my last day at the warehouse. Itís funny, Iíve been so busy these last two weeks I donít really feel like itís my last day. I keep thinking, ďOn Monday I need toÖĒ Which, obviously I canít do anything on Monday. Yay! The only unfortunate thing is I keep forgetting to tell people Iím leaving, so I might not get a chance to tell some of my regular customers before I go. Thatís sort of disappointing, but thatís what I get for quitting during trade show season.

Iíve been working on one of the biggest orders Iíve done here in a long time. Iíve spent a good portion of my time scrambling to find equipment for this show and it has been incredibly difficult. Oracle is also this week, and the Fall Antique show is also loading in, so there is seriously no gear at all left in the Bay Area. It has defiantly made my last few days here interesting, to say the least. The last thing Iím going to do (well, one of the last, anyway) is bill that show. Whew.

I start my new job next Thursday. I thought about taking the whole week off, but it sounded like they really wanted me to start ASAP, so I compromised and said I could start Thursday, but that that means I might need a day or two off in the first couple weeks to tie up loose ends. That seemed to make them happy, so that works. I need to buy some new clothes before I start. I have a few nice things, but they are almost all black since they are the clothes I have for when I need to look ďNiceĒ on a job or to faculty stuff at the High School. Iíve also lost a lot of weight in the last few months, so all of my nice clothes are too big. I felt like I was wearing clown clothes to the interview! OK, thatís an exaggeration, but I could really tell. Iím sure I didnít look bad, but I was afraid I would look sloppy.
Anyway, long and short of it is I need new pants and shirts before Thursday.
Itís a good thing I was paid out for my week of vacation I had left.

Itís funny, my good friend co-worker took me to lunch and two other people (including Minion 2.0) said goodbye, but thatís it. The two AGMs spoke to me about the fact that Iím leaving for the very first time today. The owner hasnít said a single word to me since I turned in my resignation. It isnít necessarily that I expect a big hoopla, especially considering how busy we are right now, but at the same time when you worked at the same place for over four years you sort of expect at least a goodbye. Oh well, itís done now and I only ever have to talk to the people I want to now.

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