Happy Birthday to ME!
2006-09-30 - 1:00 p.m.

I quit my job yesterday.

It was my birthday present to myself. I am so happy right now. As much as I would complain about the job, though, the main reason I needed to leave just comes down to the fact that I hate retail. As much as it didnít seem like retail at times, I wasnít folding sweaters or anything, I still had to deal with the public and cater to the customers and all that and I just donít want to do it anymore. So, two more weeks and I am out.

I feel like I can talk much more freely now, too. I made the decision about a week ago, but couldnít really say anything until I told the company. Now I can. I had an interview last week for another position and Iíll find out next week if I got that or not. I hope I do, it seemed like a nice place and everyone was so friendly. Itís ok if I donít, too. Iíll work overhire and temp, I can even substitute again if I need to, so itíll be ok. Iím not even too worried about not having health insurance for a little while, since Iím a student at City College I am covered at the Student Health Center for at least the basic stuff until December. Now, if a bus hits me Iím SOL, but if I get an ear infection or something Iím good. Iíll just have to watch out for MUNI and not swim with sharks or anything like that.

Anyway, today is my birthday and I am being a lazy bum. I do have to finish up some homework and make it to the theater tonight, but other than that? Nada. Yay me.

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