Another year gone
2006-09-25 - 11:13 p.m.

I still donít really feel like there is much to say yet. My birthday is this weekend. Yay! Twenty-nine, the last time my age will begin with a 2 until I turn 200. I also have a crappy cold and really donít feel like making a big deal about it. Iíll get the word out when I do know what is happening, but I donít think itíll be especially elaborate. It isnít a big one until next year, anyway. Itís funny, I always have these grand schemes for parties and such before my birthday, but then it actually arrives and I just canít be bothered. Oh well. I always have fun anyway. Iíll try for a real party for the big three zero.

Sometimes I feel I should try harder, but honestly? My birthday falls right at the beginning of the theater season, right when everything is starting again. Nine years out of ten Iíve had to work on my birthday, and most of my friends are swamped as well. Now that Iím back in school it is also means the semester is getting in gear and Iím a bit past the point of bringing cupcakes for the class. Is it really even that big a deal? I always find time for drinks with my friends and dinner with my family, thatís whatís important, right? Itís probably sounding like the lady doth protest too much, but I really donít know. Iíve been trying to figure it out. I donít really feel like I need anything more, but other folks seem to get a lot of joy out of big parties with all their friends from their various social circles coming together. I think itís basically a situation where if someone else wanted to plan it, or at least help me plan it, Iíd totally be down, and it would probably be a lot of fun, but I just canít be bothered on my own. I donít know if Iím really expressing these thoughts the right way, I donít mean this to sound in any way ďpoor meĒ or ďno one wants to throw me a party, sigh, please feel bad for me.Ē because that really isnít it in the least. If I really wanted a big deal I would do it myself, I just honestly donít know if itís anything I really need. Well, itís only five days away now, so this year is going to be fly by the seat of my pants as usual anyway. I think I do have at least brunch plans, so thatíll be fun.

I have my own present Iím planning for myself as well that will make me happier than anything material I can receive, anyway, so Iím doing just fine over here. Details will follow when things fall into place a bit more.

Well, as I mentioned, I do have a nasty cold and it is starting to get late, so I should be thinking about packing it in for the night. It seems I did have something to talk about, even if it is a random rambling about my views on birthday parties and my laziness when it comes to planning them.

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