2006-08-23 - 5:23 p.m.

Quicken arrived. I finally broke down and made my first purchase ever. They originally told me it would take 10 days to deliver, but then I tracked it after I got the ďit shipped!Ē email and it said the package originated in Richmond, CA. I said to myself, that thing had better show up today and not spend the next nine days exploring the greater Bay Area. Sure enough, it did! That was very strange, though. Iím sure they just tell everyone ten days and that way if it actually does have to go across the country you donít get your panties all in a twitch, but seriously, I could have gone and picked it up from the warehouse on my lunch break.

Anyway, tonight I begin my journey towards fiscal responsibility. Right after I go to the gym. Then make dinner. Maybe take a shower. The laundry is really piling upÖ Heh.

I do need to go to the gym tonight. I havenít been in almost a week and I can feel myself getting puffy. This may be TMI, but Iíve found Iím not nearly as ďpuffyĒ as I used to sometimes get since Iíve been working out regularly. Maybe Iím sweating out all the retained water or the increased circulation is doing it or something, but itís working and now I feel blah since I havenít been. Damn, thatís making it sound like I need to keep doing this, like, forever or something.

I cleaned off my desk today. I have a tendency to want to hold on to things, especially paper, ďjust in case.Ē I found stuff from, like, three months ago. It was pretty bad. Well, now I can se the mintíníchip green of my desk top again, so all is right with the world. Or at least it is better with the world. I have no idea whether that sentence should be singular or plural.

No matter, it is time to go home.

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