Social Butterfly
2006-07-27 - 4:49 p.m.

So, there has been quite a bit going on in my world. Actually my friends have had quite a bit going on in their worlds and theyíve let me come along for the ride for a while.

OK, where to start? Well, Sarah had her baby last Thursday happy and healthy. She is so little and cute. I have only seen pictures so far, but she looks just perfect. Mark and Sarah made a perfect, little new person who sleeps and eats and wears Kiss onesies. Apparently, in true Rock Ďní Roll fashion, she is also a night owl. Sarah has been bravely documenting the birth process on her blog and all I can say isÖ wow. There is a reason why they come out so cute, if they didnít no one would go through it. Having babies is not for the faint of heart.

Also, Deb and Michael got married on Sunday. It was really beautiful and a lot of fun. It is really great to go to a wedding when you know the two people getting hitched really do compliment each other perfectly. We did have to laugh at the very lovely view from the door from the church. The very first thing you see as you leave isÖ a perfect view of Alcatraz, the Rock, the inescapable prison. Oh, and the Golden Gate and about a million sailboats, but there is no irony or humor in those. They did such a great job. It was a really fun party. Deb made the most beautiful paper flowers for the centerpieces, and the place cards were these cute little silver frames with your name and table, and when you pulled of that piece of paper there was a picture of the couple underneath, and all of the pictures were different. Not to mention she made the invitations, the programs, etc, etc. Whew. It was amazing. They put so much work into it. Debís dress was beautiful (and so was Deb, obviously, but thatís a given) Michael looked very handsome, and the bridesmaids had cute dresses with no butt bows. I also really hope there is a good picture of Deb playing electric guitar in her big olí wedding dress. The two of them glowed all day. It was awesome.

My sister had her cosmetology graduation party on SaturdayÖthe second hottest day of the year. It was 108 degrees in the shade at my parentsí house. My parents donít have air conditioning. According to my mother they ďdonít need it.Ē We had a baby pool, and two sprinklers going on the lawn most of the day. We made margaritas and mojitos and went through 6 cases of water. It was a really fun party, though. Almost all the neighbors, both sides of our family, and close family friends totaled out at around 60 people, I think. My mom made a lot of really delicious food, almost all of it cold, mostly pasta salads and cucumber soup and things like that. It was a success and my sister was very happy about it, so that is what is important. The only downer was that it was so hot and sticky I actually ended up with a bit of heat rash. No fun there.

After the wedding on Sunday I met up with my University friends to celebrate one of the ranksí birthday. That was a lot of fun, too. We pretty much had the bar to ourselves and we drank, and played an 80s trivia game and got turkey sandwiches before getting home Waaaaaaay too late. Work on Monday morning was not fun. It was worth it, though.

This week has felt pretty mellow after all the excitement. Iíve been trying to get the house in order and get back onto my gym schedule, which has slipped and now needs to be put back in place to make up for all the party food.

I am waiting to hear from the director over at the High School. We need to do a different play than the one she originally chose for the fall production. The administration decided it was ďinappropriate.Ē I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I understand their objection, even if I donít really agree with it. The thing is, the director submitted the play in April and we started advertising it in May (we put the next seasonís lineup in the spring productionís program) they didnít say there was a problem until the end of June. I donít know, something just irks me about that. It isnít a very long play, I read it in an hour, and their arguments seemed pretty cut and dried, so if they had a problem, why didnít they just say so right away so we could announce the right play? It also is a bit frustrating to have one show in your head and to be brainstorming ideas and such and then just have to throw them out. I didnít have anything designed or put on paper yet, so it isnít like there are a ton of wasted drafting hours or anything, but I was coming up with what I thought was a pretty cool concept. Oh well, we shall see what she decides to do instead. Maybe the idea will still work. The TD and I were joking that she should do ďThe Happy Little Squirrel Goes to SchoolĒ or something so completely inoffensive it comes all the way back around to offensive again. Iím sure whatever she picks will be great, she has a real knack for knowing what will push their abilities but still be something they can handle and what is still just out of their range.

In other news the fog returned last night thank the little baby Jesus. It hasnít been super hot here at night (unlike the East Bay), but it has been warmer than usual and the air has just been stagnant, it really just doesnít move, so it isnít super hot, but it is really stuffy. Until last night, that is, when the lovely, lovely fog poured in off the ocean and rolled up the street. Yay. This should probably also mean a break in the heat for the East and South Bay, but probably not as significant.

It has been a long day today. Just long. Iím ready to be done. It should be pretty quiet for the rest of the day, but thatís sometimes a curse rather than a blessing. At least if itís busy time goes quickly.

Once Iím done here I have to kill time until an appointment at 7. I brought my laptop so I can sit in the cafť near the office and hopefully put a dent in my big ass portfolio project I keep procrastinating on. I took the first step of getting all the pictures in one place, now I need to start picking the best ones and fitting them into the page layout. I decided Iím not even going to think about show paperwork right now because thatís a big part of whatís intimidating about this. Iím just going to focus on the pictures and come back to the paperwork after I make a little headway there. Baby steps. Iím also not going to stress too much about picking which shows to put in. I know a couple I definitely want in, so Iíll start with those and go from there. I need to just break it down into smaller pieces right now. I think Iím letting some of my trepidation about going back to school creep into my nervousness about not really knowing what Iím doing with this stupid portfolio and itís multiplying and dividing and breeding and making it a much scarier project than it really is. That and when I get home from work Iím bloody tired and the last thing I want to do after spending 8 hours in front of a computer is go home and work on a computer. Which is why Iím taking TWO computer science classes in the fall. Heh.
Iíve got a sort of gnawing dissatisfaction bubbling around in the back of my brain. Sort of the same feeling as when I think Iíve forgotten something important but donít know what it is, only itís like I should be upset or at least concerned about something, but I canít remember what it is. Very strange. Itís probably just effects of long-term stress or something. Things arenít even so super stressful as much as they are just up in the air, and have been for so long. Thatís a more likely cause, too many balls in the air with no landing places.

I was just looking at the calendar. Itís only two months until my birthday. Weird. No idea why that just struck me, but it did.

Well, anyway, time to go. Iíve got ten minutes then Iím out of here and off to the circus. Well, not the real circusÖ I donít know.

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