Bottle Blonde
2006-07-17 - 4:28 p.m.

So my sister dyed and cut my hair on Saturday. It took about 6 hours. Well, the cut only took about 30 minutes the rest was the color. I got a lotta hair. It looks really good, though. Iím happy with it. Iíll really know how itís going to look tomorrow, though, since I havenít washed it since it was finished so the color could ďset.Ē Because she had to comb through it so much itís really poofy right now so itís a little hard to see how itís really going to blend into the curl. The reason it took so long is because itís a three-color weave and she was trying to match what she did last time, so it had to be pretty precise. I am really lucky she did it. If I had it done in a salon it would have cost an arm and a leg. I just had to pay for the product. It is really, really blonde on top, but I think itís nice. She is getting really good at all this.

I have a movie to add. Movie #23 is The Matador directed by Richard Shepard. I liked it. It was kinda weird, but it was good. I liked the story and the characters were much more developed than usual, and I liked the way the story played out. Pierce Brosnan did a pretty good job. I dunno, not much else to say.

I think things are sorting themselves out here in the office. I finally got one of our ranking officers to sit down with me and figure things out and everything is much clearer now on both ends. I feel much better now, and it only took 15 minutes. I really donít see why it was so hard to make that happen. My only qualm left over from this is how far I should push the fact that I still really feel like I was hung out to dry with all of this. They really did leave me to take the fall for their disorganization for quite a while and Iím pretty upset about it. Itís fixed now, so part of me just thinks I should drop it unless it comes up again, but a pretty big part of me still wants to make it clear that this was not ok. I donít really want the drama, but I also want to stand up for myself and not let folks think itís ok to push me around. I just donít know right now. Iíve got too much other crap to deal with right now though, so since it isnít an immediate problem anymore itís sort of backburner at the moment. Which is basically the definition of backburner, so thatís pretty redundant. Well, anyway.

Iím pretty booked up this coming weekend, all fun stuff that Iím really looking forward to, but every day is full, and so of course I only got one offer for outside work this month- for this weekend. Arg. I think I need to touch base with a few people and make sure I havenít slipped off their radar.

I felt like there was other news to report, but right now I just canít think of anything. A few things are percolating, but nothing really worth writing about yet. HmmmÖ Really boring entries of late, I know. I need to run off to Europe or start rabble-rousing or something.

The summer is more than half over! How did that happen? I go back to school in four and a half weeks. Crazy, man. I gotta get cracking.

It is very warm today and it is making me very sleepy. I wish one of the men with the little ice cream carts would come by. MmmmmmÖ PopsicleÖ I have fudgesicles at home, but that is so far away and I canít go there for almost an hour and a half. My life is so very hard. Heh.

OK, so it is time to start thinking about locking up, so I will end this thrill a minute entry here.

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