I Want a Moving Castle
2006-07-10 - 4:45 p.m.

Another movie to add (between not feeling so hot and having a true SF summer in the olí Fog Belt has brought out the video fiend in me.). Movie #22 is Howlís Moving Castle directed by Hayao Miyazaki. I really enjoyed it, it was really beautiful, though several pretty major principles of the story and the world itís set in are really never explained at all, not in the slightest, so things are happening and youíre sitting there thinking, ďWait, what? Why? Oh, Iíll just go with it.Ē Maybe I need to read the novel since I got the feeling a lot of stuff might have been left out simply because of time issues. I loved the fat little dog and Turniphead.

Iím sort of mulling something over right now and itís making me sort of distracted. Itís work related, and I really canít talk about it yet, so I wonít tease too much, but basically I have to make a few decisions about how Iím going to deal with an issue weíre having here, but I canít make my decisions or actions until a few other things take their places so Iím sort of in a holding pattern trying to strategize in my head so I can be prepared for every possible outcome and it is beginning to drive me to distraction. Maybe Iíve read too much Sun Tzu or something; I spend too much time worrying about tactics I may never need to use.

Anyway, Iím going to a birthday dinner tonight and that will be fun.

Iíve started wearing my contact lenses again. Not at work, the air is just too full of crud, but on the weekends. There was no real reason I ever stopped, just laziness, mainly, but I have them, and they are comfortable, especially once I get used to having them in and stop rubbing my eyes, so I should wear them. I also do like how I look without my glasses, and on sunny days I can wear cute sunglasses. I donít really know why I feel the need to share that, but there it is.

I guess itís a slow news day here in Lume land.

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