Tummy Entry
2006-07-07 - 4:26 p.m.

So, Iím almost afraid to say so, but I think I may finally be done with being sick. It has been so very annoying. Iíve used up half my sick days for the year in the last two and a half weeks. The most annoying part is they are all different kinds of sick, first just general nausea, blahness thing that only knocked me down for one day, though looking back that may have been my preamble to the debilitating voice-stealing nastiness that took me out for two days only three days later (Iím thinking the blah day would have been my chance to stop the cold before it started a la Zycam or something, but I couldnít figure it out in time). Then follow that up with the worst case of food poisoning I think I have ever experienced in my life that took me out for another day and a half this week. Seriously, I havenít been this sick since I was in grade school. I was sucking on ice cubes because I couldnít drink whole sips of water. It was horrible. Anyway, these things just keep coming one after the other and donít seem related (except, as I noted, possibly the first two, but I canít be sure of that by any means.) and it is getting really annoying. The most irritating part is that I have been consciously trying to take good care of myself to prevent these kinds of things. Arg. Maybe itís my body detoxing and now that everything is out of its system I can continue on happy and healthy. Please?

I have to say, though, while I have always had a sensitive stomach and eating funny things can often set it to feeling strange the thing that really trips me out about really, really severe food poisoning is how horrible you feel one minute, and then one morning, you wake up and everything feels pretty much fine. This morning I woke up with the alarm and I was still a bit sleepy and my tummy muscles hurt, but other than that, youíd think nothing had ever been wrong when just 12 hours before I thought I was going to die. So very strange.

OK, I will really stop talking about my digestion right now. Though I am sure pretty much everyone has run screaming by now.

New Movie to add. Movie #21 is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen directed by Stephen Norrington. It was a good way to pass two sick hours on the sofa. Rather fluffy, which was perfect, not much to write home about, though. Hyde turned out to be much more of a pussycat than the foreboding conversation would lead you to believe, though I liked the whole concept of him being able to talk to his alter ego in his reflections, and I saw the ďtraitorĒ coming a mile away, because hello he was the villain in his original incarnation. I also really liked the joking acknowledgement that any time the invisible man is invisible, he is also naked, and therefore if he is standing in the middle of a blizzard, he is freaking COLD. I donít know if any of that counts as a spoiler or not, but seriously? This movie isnít suspenseful enough to worry about it. I liked Mina Harker being thrown into the mix, but when on earth was it ever suggested the girl was a scientist? Granted, it has been a while since I read Dracula, but I donít remember anything about her being the next Marie Curie. Is that in the comic somewhere? Anyway, fluffy movie, decent effects, good to kill some time, but donít knock down a little old lady or anything to see it.

One hour left. Iím all mixed up in my head, though. Logically, I know it is Friday, but it was only a three-day week to begin with and I spent a day and a half of it curled up in a ball, so I really have no idea which end is up or what is going on. Oh well. I get to go to a birthday party on Monday and thatís all that matters.

I also have a bit more make up work to finish before I can go home with a clear conscience, so I better hop to it so I donít need to stay any later than necessary.

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