Holiday Weekend Update
2006-07-03 - 11:06 p.m.

Ok, many movies to add. #18 The Devil Wears Prada directed by David Frankel. Hated the book. Hated so very much. Love the movie. So much better than the book you canít even measure. Meryl Streep is awesome. Just fabulous, I love her. I also like Anne Hathaway a lot; sheís good in a very understated way. I donít want to get into spoiler territory here, but Iíll just say the ending in the movie is much more satisfying than the book too.

#19 Wolf Creek directed by Greg McLean. Iím a fan of horror movies, especially when Iím in weird moods and feeling a little overwhelmed. I think it might be a bit of a shadenfreude thing, you know, ďman my life might not be great right now, but at least Iím not them.Ē This is a good one. I like the lead, and I like that she doesnít do most of the stupid horror flick mistakes, for the most part sheís pretty smart so I really was rooting for her, and the other kids with her, theyíre a good group, which makes it that much better in a way, I was more invested than I usually am in movies like this.

#20 Wet Hot American Summer directed by David Wain. I put this in to watch while I cleaned my room. It is the perfect movie for that. It was really funny, but for some reason I think if I tried to sit and just watch it, I would sort of fade out. There is also a character named Beth, which always endears me to a movie.

Iíve had a really mellow weekend. I have barely left the house and I am so ok about that. I have been cleaning, and reading, and sleeping and watching movies and it has been what my psyche needs right now. My big field trip was to go get a massage yesterday. So what I needed. I got a theraputic massage rather than a relaxing one, and while it wasnít relaxing per se, in fact it kinda hurt, but today I feel so good, like when you manage to pop your back and you feel every vertebrae just slip into place, only include my shoulders and my entire legs, my legs feel so great. He actually spent a lot of time on the pressure points on my legs, which really needed work and no one has ever really spent a lot of time on them. Again, insanely painfulat times, but now I feel fabulous. He told me when he was done that when I woke up this morning I would either be cursing his name as I try to get my body to move, or I would feel like I was twelve. I got lucky and ended up with the latter. My shoulders a still a bit sore where he had to spend five minutes working out a tendon knot, but other than that, I do feel great. I had never been to see this guy before, but I think I have found ďmyĒ masseuse. What I really liked was that he talked to me during the whole thing, not in an annoying prattling way, but just telling me what he was doing, asking about my weekend, that sort of thing. It made me feel very comfortable asking questions and such. The one thing that has always felt a little weird to me about massages, this person is touching you in a pretty intimate manner and you arenít talking to them, it just feels weird. I know the whole point is that you should be able to tune out and be in your own head, but it doesnít work for me. Maybe I already spend too much time in my own head and itís more relaxing for me to be pulled out of it.

Tangent, but has anyone else noticed that on the Project Runway adds on Bravo they always put the title card for the show right smack dab over Heidi Klumís cootch? What is going on there?

Right now people are shooting off fireworks somewhere in the park and I can see them from my front window, itís kinda cool. I just hope they donít set the park on fire, that would suck.

Ok, I think on that note, Iím done for tonight.

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