Sniff... Cough...
2006-06-26 - 4:22 p.m.

I have a cold. It hit me yesterday complete with scratchy throat and gross sounding cough. Iím trying to be nice to my voice, since I can feel it wanting to abandon me already, but most of my job is talking on the phone, so it hasnít been easy. I considered calling in sick, but I also have a sneaking suspicion this is going to get worse before it gets better, so I figure I should save up the sympathy vote until I really need it.

I cleaned underneath my bed yesterday. Wow, itís amazing how much crap can accumulate under there. I even have storage boxes and stuff so there isnít all that much space for things to disappear under there, but they sure find a way. Tonight the focus is on my desk, finally get that cleared off and all of the paper put away, then once more into the breach with the bookcases. My goal is to be able to take the long weekend coming up and do a big olí Goodwill/ Green Apple/ Buffalo Exchange drop off. I donít know if any of my old clothes are worth even trying to sell, but I figure it canít hurt to try. Iím also going to finally get rid of the two non-functional printers I have lying around. I still havenít gotten a replacement for my current crapola printer, but that doesnít change the fact that it is nothing but a fifteen pound paperweight so itís going, even if I donít have a shiny new all-in-one to put on the printer stand in itís place. Sigh, pretty, new, shiny all-in-one.

A friend of mine suggested a challenge she is attempting this summer. The challenge is to write a novel in 30 days. It does not have to be good, in fact in all likelihood it will probably stink, but the goal is to just get the words on paper. Now, considering all the other spoken and unspoken goals I have for myself this summer I had originally told her there was no way I could add this in as well, especially because I have never really had the desire to write a novel. I took a stab at playwriting a couple times, but never novels. Well, yesterday as I was cleaning and trying to get my rear in gear with a few of the other projects on my plate I opened up a word document and started writing. I donít know if it will turn into a novel or not, and since it will probably serve as my procrastination/ head clearing exercise it probably wonít be finished in 30 days but it is started and it is probably already living up to the expectation of being very bad. But hey, Iím getting words on paper, or computer screen anyway. I might give up pretty quick as well, so if I never speak of this again you will know why.

SoÖ closeÖ toÖ 5Ö mustÖ beÖ strongÖ

Actually today hasnít been bad, my head is just full of cold and Iím a bit achy and sunburned so all I really want to do is go home and eat soup and crawl into bed. Iím starting to have that lovely, ďmy head is actually floating about ĺ of an inch above my shouldersĒ feeling.

Well, on that note I should probably post this and just be done with it. I only have 45 more minutes here then I get to clock out and go meet a potential roommate.

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