Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?
2006-06-23 - 5:10 p.m.

So, I just took a quiz I stole from Deb about where your verbal regionalisms are from apparently I am:

45% Dixie. Barely in Yankeedom.

This is funny to me, though probably logical. While I’m third generation Bay Area Brat a good chunk of my family originates in Missouri. We still have a lot of little colloquialisms and I’ve always said “y’all.” We’ve always teased our Minnesota relatives about putting their “paahp in a saaaahck” (um, pop in a sack) so those two questions cracked me up. The really funny thing is my grandma doesn’t talk like that at all and she was born and spend a good chunk of her life in MN. Huh. The rest of my answers were all generic California “TV speak” or Midwestern, which is where my grandma is from originally, so I guess that makes sense.

Was I the only one who grew up calling their Airwalks or Chuck Taylors sneakers and their Reeboks tennashoes? Apparently so. Speech is a funny thing; it’s so much a combination of family immersion and playground influence. I have to ask, though, what the hell is Cabbage Night? Do you bring your friends and neighbors freshly prepared gifts of cole slaw and colcannon? Do you leave out treats for the Cabbage Aardvark and hope he leaves you corned beef and red wine vinegar in your Tevas? I think I like this holiday.

Gay Pride is this weekend. I really like pride, but normal life always screeches to a halt that day. A friend of mine from down south is going to be in Berkeley Sunday but I’m not sure exactly how I am supposed to get over there. Getting across the city is pretty much impossible. I will probably have to Bart over (which is fine, unless they want to meet up somewhere outside of downtown, in which case they may just have to pick my ass up.) but getting home may be tricky, depending on the time. The 38 bus is always a mess during big events. Ah well. Whatever will be will be. There is no use really worrying about it, right?

I’ve been worrying too much lately so I really can’t let a bus ride get my panties in a twist or I’ll really be in trouble.

I’m going to be a model for my sister in her makeup class tomorrow. How very Fahhhncy, I’m a model. If the pictures turn out ok and she can get me a copy I’ll try to post one.

I so want it to be 5. I really want to get the hell out of here and start my weekend.

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