Movie 15
2006-06-12 - 6:19 p.m.

I saw movie #15 last night, it was Cars directed by John Lasseter. This is the Pixar one. It is basically Doc Hollywood with talking cars, but it was fun and I really enjoyed it. It may not be the best thing Pixar has ever created, but it was still better than most things out there right now.

I went to the movie after my friendsí baby shower, which was also really enjoyable with lots of good food, including yummy deserts, and presents and other fun stuff. After we left the restaurant it was about 8:30 and I just really didnít want to go home yet, so I figured Iíd head to the Metreon and see what was playing that started soonish, Cars it was. Iím glad I went, it was very relaxing to just sit in the dark all by myself (well except for the girl down the row who had to come and go three times during the show) and just be entertained; though I sort of regret the big olí Diet Coke I drank during the movie because I had a bit of trouble falling asleep when I got home.

I need to finish getting my house cleaned up to show it to prospective roommates this week. I was able to do a lot over the weekend, but between getting my present ready for the shower, going to the shower and a few other things during the weekend I wasnít able to get as much done as I had wanted. I got the big chores done, now I just need to do the little stuff, like clean up my sewing stuff from the shower gift and give the bathroom a once over, that sort of thing. Iíve also ended up with a bit of a ďjunk cornerĒ that I want to go through and get everything put away. It isnít exactly the end of the world if that isnít totally complete this week, though. Itís easy enough to say, ďand all of that crap will be gone by the time you move in.Ē I would love to be able to give the walls a new coat of white before the new person arrives, but that may be a little overly ambitious. In another apartment note, I met a very nice guy at the shower who is a housing attorney and I spent part of the evening picking his brain over my situation. I felt a little bad making him talk shop at a social event, but he was so cool and knew so much and was allaying so many of my worries I just had to ask all my questions.

I just found out I guy I went to college with got married. We were never super close, so as soon as he left we drifted apart pretty quickly so I didnít know what had happened to him. Well, it turns out he found himself a pretty girl and got married. Good for him.

I am really tired today. Not sleepy, just tired, and a bit confused about some things. I need to make a few phone calls tonight, I think, and get some advice from a couple trusted sources. I seem to need that quite a bit lately.

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