Movie 14
2006-05-26 - 3:57 p.m.

I can add movie #14 to my list, it is Hoodwinked. Thatís the animated one about Little Red Riding Hood. It was cute and there were parts that were pretty clever, but it is going to be completely irrelevant in two years. It is one pop culture joke after another. While this isnít horrible, itís just so transitory it seems unfortunate.

I get to begin a three-day weekend at 5pm today. I am so happy. I will probably end up working the whole weekend, though. I have a set to paint and it needs to be finished by Monday evening. I want to go to a Memorial Day BBQ on Monday, but I donít know if Iíll be able to make it. I have to finish painting before I get to play at all. At least I really enjoy painting. We will be working outside, too, which will make it seem less drugerous. I just need to triple make sure I wear plenty of sunscreen. I do not want to end up a crispy critter at the end of the weekend.

My fingernails are purple now. My boxing gloves just tore up the polish on Wednesday night so I had to completely redo them last night. I should have done laundry like a good, responsible girl, but instead I polished my nails. I might be able to do some laundry tonight, we shall see. Itís all piled up and sorted, I just need to get my butt across the street and do it. I really sort of wish I could justify the expense of fluff and fold during my regular life and not just right before tour and in the middle of the Theater Festival. At the same time, sometimes I really enjoy doing laundry; there is something very meditative about it. Though Iím not in one of those moods lately.

I need to get my head back on straight. Iím not sure why, but Iíve been really scatterbrained lately and it needs to stop. Iím making stupid mistakes, nothing dire yet, thankfully, but Iíve gotten my schedule confused and miscounted things and silly mistakes like that. For the last week when I got to sleep just before I do I remember two or three things I forgot to do that day. Lame.

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