False Start
2006-05-16 - 5:00 p.m.

Iíve started three entries and just deleted all of them because they were just not going anywhere.

There actually is some stuff going on in my world right now, but none of it is really mine to talk about, at least not yet, so I think that keeps tripping me up. Because those things are pretty much off limits, itís all I can think about when I open up the document to start typing. Apparently deep down I really am a shameless gossip. At least I keep it in check.

Anyway, Iím just trying to get through the crazy workweek right now. It has slowed up a little from last week, but not much, so Iím just trying to pace myself and not forget anything important. That is the danger I face when it gets busy, I lose track of time and forget who needs what when and it becomes a huge mess. Iím also really sleepy, I really didnít sleep well last night, so Iím a bit groggy and spacey today.

A friend of mine might be crashing at my place tonight so I need to run home and pick up a bit so it is at least moderately presentable and there is at least room for another person to sleep. The circumstances for the sleepover arenít great, but at the same time Iím sorta looking forward to it. I donít have overnight visitors very often so thereís sort of an excitement there for me. Iím glad I donít have to work tonight.

I am bummed, thought that I donít have to work and yet there are no more new Gilmore Girl episodes for a very long time. It is rather sad how very into that show I have gotten. I sometimes start talking about the characters like they are real people.

OK, well this is a lame entry but it is now 5pm so I must go.

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