Ramble On
2006-05-12 - 4:41 p.m.

It is Friday. Thank goodness. I have two shows this weekend, but other than that itís going to be pretty quiet. I have to read a bunch of scripts for a theater company. We have the play selection meeting on Monday and Iím pretty far behind. Iíll get through them, but itíll probably be Sunday night before I finish. After Motherís Day dinner, of course.

This week has been so busy. We have four really big orders going out today, all but one was very last minute and the one that wasnít has changed significantly every day for the last week. It has been a pretty stressful week, as Iím sure was obvious. Iím pretty sure we did more business this week than most of last month. Why all at once, people? Spread out the events. Everyone will be happier. Itís a sunny weekend anyway, why keep everyone shut inside?

Oh my gosh, I am so ready to go home. Iím sitting at my desk and it feels like itís about 7pm. Such a long week. Not really a bad week, just really busy and long.

I did get a wee bit of good news recently. Since 4th of July is on a Tuesday this year, my supervisor was able to convince our owner that it was silly to open up for the one day that has statistically been one of our worst sales days of the year. I therefore get a four-day weekend in July. Whatever shall I do with myself? I sort of want to head out of town or something, but Iím not sure how financially responsible that would be. We shall see. Maybe Iíll win the lottery that weekend and all of these worries will be moot. Heh.

Iím continuing on with my ďbettering myself education plan.Ē I have started re-learning to touch type. There is a site online with drills to help you learn, and Iím doing pretty well. I keep switching around the ďiĒ and the ďoĒ and the ď,Ē and the ď.Ē, but other than that Iím realizing I really did used to know how to do this. Iím also remembering why it never stuck. The right pinky is pretty much the busiest finger on the keyboard, and thanks to my lovely dwarfed finger bones I have the smallest range of movement in that finger. I really canít move it side to side the way I should be able to. It usually doesnít matter all that much, but if Iím typing something with a lot of the symbol keys like ď|Ē or ď}Ē or ď=Ē it slows me down a lot and my hand starts to hurt a lot faster. Why is this even a problem? Those arenít used a lot. Well, no, unless you are trying to figure out Unix. Unix LOVES ď|Ē and ď}Ē. Oh well, Iíll make it work. Just like Tim Gunn, my hero.

I only have two weeks of school left. It will be nice to have my Saturdays back. Iím glad I took the class, but Iím not sure how soon Iíll take another one. I think Iím going to stick with online courses for a little while. Though, if I decide to stick with this Unix stuff there will be a couple of classes I will have to take in a lecture hall. Fortunately, unlike the Graphic Art curriculum, this is more of a program designed for people looking to get promoted, so almost all of the classes are online or in the evenings. We shall see, though, just how far I decide to go with all this. We shall see how far I get through my Photoshop book this summer. I looked into taking an intro to Maya class at BAYVC, it looks like a good start to the program, but it is $1300. Thirteen hundred freaking dollars. I know itís a complex program, but seriously now, thatís more than a 15-unit semester at City College, in fact itís the SAME as a 15-unit semester at SF State, and itís just one two-day class. There has to be a decent ďClassroom in a BookĒ type text for the program. Then all I need to do is get my grimy little mitts on the software. Honestly, though, I need to finish figuring out Photoshop first. One step at a time.

Woo hoo! One of our big, fancy pants customers needs pattern holders so I get to leave a few minutes early to drop them off! Bye!

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