Breathe In... Breathe Out...
2006-05-09 - 5:07 p.m.

So, did everyone enjoy my ranting and raving in my last entry?

Iíve calmed down a bit since then. Basically, Iíve taken on the attitude of, ďWell, Iíll just do it when I can do it and that is that. If anyone has a problem, donít look at me.Ē I know that sounds pretty blaze (is the accent the right way on that? I can never tell), but I just canít do anything else right now so Iím not going to give my self an aneurysm over it. Iíve told everyone I can tell what is going on so I donít get blamed and Iím leaving it at that. I thought about holding Gigglesís multimeter hostage, but I just really donít care enough anymore.

I spent most of yesterday evening working on my resume. I was going to send it out, but I think I want to have my dad to look it over first. Heís really good with this kind of stuff. I wish I had a better ear for this kind of thing. It would make this a lot less intimidating. The problem is that Iím not so good at making it sound like the things I have done qualify me for jobs in other fields, which is what Iím trying to do.

Complete non-sequiter here, but my hair totally smells like chlorine today. I have no idea why, there isnít any in our water, or at least never enough to make it smell. Ug. I hope this isnít a permanent thing.

Anyway, it is now after 5 and time for me to go home, or the Y then home.

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