Random Again
2006-04-27 - 5:07 p.m.

I got to go back to kickboxing for the first time in far too long. It has actually only been about four weeks, but it feels so much longer. It felt so go to do everything and move and hit and work with my awesome partner. In a perfect world my dojo would be in San Francisco so going would be so much easier. As much as I like having a reason to go visit my folks, it is such a pain to drive out there and if I have even one thing I have to do before class I canít make it in time. Arg.

Well, I think the brunt of winter is over. I can tell because every year when the weather starts to change in spring and fall my scalp gets itchy for a few weeks. Itís sort of my own personal barometer. Sexy, no?

Right now we are learning Microsoft Word in my graphic arts class. I thought this chapter would be SOOOOOOOOOO very boring, and while it hasnít been the most thrilling thing ever, and I do know 90% of what he is teaching already, I have also learned some really cool tricks to make formatting easier and to improve page layout. It is really neat and I am so going to use some of it when I finish my theater resume. Although, with the way show resumes are put together Iím almost wondering if it wouldnít be easier to put it together in Excel. Thereís an idea. Well, I can always do both and see which I like better. Iíll have time to try both out tonight while I sit and watch the absolute crap that is this season of The O.C. and the significantly better CSI, which is now competing with my Supernatural eye candy. What? Donít judge me.

Iím going to the dentist for the first time in a very long time next week. Iím not afraid, really, but Iím not jumping for joy either. I have been very diligent about flossing since I made the appointment. Iíve never been afraid of the dentist, but since I got my braces off Iíve always had the feeling of just being done with dentists. Not to mention finding a good one who isnít really mean or too ďmedicalĒ (ie. Explains everything in way too technical of terms and makes everything seem way more serious and complicated than it needs to be) isnít the simplest thing in the world. Iím going to one I can walk to from my house. I was able to get the first appointment of the day and Iíll walk down there and back and then head into work a few hours late. I think itís a good plan, and if I donít like the dentist Iíll just go to Dr. Jang of Jang and Associates; theyíll take good care of me (Se habla Espanol). Heh.

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