Holiday is Over
2006-04-13 - 5:04 p.m.

Well, I am back from my mini holiday. It was so very nice, it was warm and sunny and it didnít rain once. Well, I guess it sprinkled a bit one night, but I never saw it so it doesnít count. We went to Disneyland and had a fabulous time. I got to put in some quality time with Squirmy, which was really great. Sheís almost two and is really fun to be around. I have to say, though, spending that much time with a toddler totally reconfirmed my resolution that I am SO not ready to have kids. Wow, she just really never stops moving. Craziness.

I got to see one half of The Twins while I was down there (the other half was still recovering from his wedding. Congratulations eviltwinii!) and it was so great. We had a lovely lunch and stroll and talked about work and everything else. Just lovely. You two need to hurry up and become famous and independently wealthy so you can move back up here!

I feel like there should be more to say about it, but there really wasnít a whole lot of excitement, it was more of an enjoy quiet and nice lunches and spend some time it the freaking SUN for the love of Pete. I never thought I would be so happy to sweat in my car ever in my life. As I was driving home it was sunny and nice and warm all the way up I-5 until I was about 100í over the Alameda County line. Then it started to pour down rain. Iím not even kidding with the distance. It made me want to cry. Yesterday I woke up with a stomachache, which I should have expected since I always end up with a stomachache after I eat crap food and drive all day, I thought to bring food with me for the drive down, but just didnít think about it on the drive back. I never learn. Anyway, long story short I was tired and my tummy hurt so I called in sick (I really just should have taken the extra day off to begin with anyway.) and spent the whole day in my jammies reading books and napping. It was all rainy and crappy out so it really ended up being the best thing to do. Now I am much happier and calmer about being back at work than I would have been yesterday.

I did call the Friend that Iíve been having so many lovely issues with. I wasnít going to, I was going to wait until after Easter, since he had said he needed time to figure everything out, but I called just before I left town. It just felt, I donít know, rude maybe? To be 20 miles away from someone and not at least call and say hi. We didnít see each other, we didnít even talk about it, but it was an ok talk, if a little stilted. There was absolutely no mention of the kid or anything serious, mostly just the usual work, driving, blah, blah stuff. It was ok, though, I didnít really have the energy for a big olí emotional scene anyway, so Iím glad it went the way it did. I think. I donít really know, it wasnít bad though, so thatís good. OK, Iíll stop now.

I get to go on my very first grown up wig call this weekend. Iím very excited. Iím just a swing and will only be doing three shows for the whole run, but Iím still looking forward to it. The crew lead has been a bit hard to get a hold of, Iíve been trying to find an evening I can shadow so I know what Iím doing when I get there, but I think itíll be ok. Iím going to be positive about it anyway.

Well, time to go be a shadow.

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