Random Babbles
2006-04-04 - 1:28 p.m.

I need to go to the drug store today and buy Claratin. Sorry for the shopping list, but I find when I write stuff like that in here Iím far more likely to remember. My allergies are going icky again and I need to start dealing with them before I end up in Asthma land as I have in the past.

I had the worst nightmare last night. Iím not going to bore yíall with the details, but it was one of those that feel so real you arenít sure itís over after you wake up. I had to get out of bed and watch TV for a while with the lights on before I could go back in my room and try to sleep again. Eeek, it was spooky.

Iím trying to get everything wrapped up today so I can leave town guilt free this weekend. Iím doing all right, but I hit a bit of an energy wall a few minutes ago and Iím trying to build my steam back up. Itís almost lunchtime, so I think thatís part of it; I need a bit more fuel to continue. I have an hour to go, but I figure I can back away a little bit for that one hour and write this and collect my thoughts back together.

I also need to get my desk cleaned up before I leave. There is seriously no concept of ďpersonal workspaceĒ around here, so if I am away from my desk for any length of time Iíll come back and find that everything has been moved or rifled through. Giggles is the worst offender. In fact, heís pretty much the only real offender. I know Iím going to come back to work next Wednesday and there will be at least two coke bottles and other assorted detritus on my desk. The worst is, things will be rifled through and moved around and so you figure, ďWell, someone needed something quickly while I was gone.Ē No, no one needed anything; they just used your desk and everything in it for however long they wanted to. It is so strange. I donít mind if someone needs to look up an order and my computer is the closest, or what have you normal-office-sharing-fishcakes, but Giggles seems to think it really is appropriate for him to commandeer anyoneís desk at any time for any reason. When you protest he says, ďWell the computers belong to the company, not to individuals so I can use any of them whenever.Ē He just doesnít understand why it is invasive or rude to just start using another personís space, that it has nothing to do with the computer. I have worked at many, many offices in my life and this type of thing was never ok. Iíve even worked in places where three or four people shared a desk and if you were not on duty you asked the person who was if it was ok before you started going through the drawers. Itís just basic etiquette. Itís starting to get really bad for Minion 2.0. Heíll be in the middle of putting an order together for a customer and Giggles will tell him he has to move to another computer while heís in the middle of the phone call with the customer. It is really getting inappropriate, especially since we have several empty workstations in other parts of the building. I feel like I have to talk about this to the managers, but Iím afraid nothing will come of it except a really snotty attitude from Giggles.

I donít want to complain about work today, though. I get to take a mini break this weekend and I donít want to go into it negative. Yay! Iím hoping to get to see the twins while Iím down there, but they have a wedding, so it may or may not come to be. We shall see. Wedding defiantly trumps lunch at wherever, but weíre gonna try. I few canít work it out I may spend an afternoon doing totally touristy things or something. Shopping on Melrose, etc. Or maybe Iíll just go see a movie at the Arclight or shopping at the Grove or something fun and stupid like that. I still need to add more movies to the listÖ OK, I will stop obsessing now.

As always, it feels like I have so much going on and yet nothing to talk about. Why is that?

Oooh, ooh, I know: This is a really cool site. It is a feed that shows you the last 40 images loaded into Livejournal. It is potentially very NSFW, obviously, but Iíve been playing around with it for over a week and only once was there an image that made me say, ďWhoa! Ok, closing the window now!Ē Now watch, Iím telling you itís ok and now youíll open it at work and youíll get a full page of transgender porn or something. For the most part, though, people are pretty mundane. I have learned a few things from this, though. 1. People are very vain and love taking pictures of themselves and their kids. 2. They also have a major fascination with photographing their pets. 3. There are some truly fucked up Russians out there. 4. Goth kids can be so cute when theyíre trying to be morbid. Overall, though, it is a fun little bit of innocent voyeurism. Itís also how I found the Star Trek test.

Anyway, time to get back to it and get things in line.

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