This Has Been a Public Service Announcement...
2006-03-21 - 1:14 p.m.

You know, waiting for a phone call is the worst thing in the world. I have been on edge for the last week waiting for a damn phone call and I want it to come through already. I hate waiting, especially when it is completely out of my control and I am pretty much at the mercy of whomever I am waiting on. It sucks. I don’t usually come across as especially impatient to other people (or so I’ve been told, those people may have just been trying to be nice), but in my head I can be the world’s most impatient crybaby, I am Homer Simpson who whines because he wanted his one-minute burrito NOW.

Speaking of burritos, I need to swing by Safeway during my lunch hour and pick up some hot sauce. Today is burrito day at the High School, which means dinner tonight is also burritos, and while they are hearty and nutritious, they are also mass-produced for teenage American boys, so they are, well, bland. All they need is a wee bit of chipotle, though, and they would be much, much better. One of the smartest things I’ve ever seen in High School Theater is the dinner at this one. They arrange for the cafeteria staff to provide dinner every night during tech week. It is fabulous. Not only do I not have to eat McDonalds for a week, but the kids also get a real meal that is relatively nutritious and, most importantly, they have no reason to leave campus before rehearsal. Granted, I realize it is easier for this to happen at a private school than a public one, but it is such a great idea. As previous experience has proved, if they were left to their own devices they would try to survive on Slim Jims and Skittles and still be late for their call because they “had to get dinner” and then would wonder why they felt like crap Opening Night.

Now, a small plug. For any of you who know of the fabulousness that is Television Without Pity, or the fabulousness of, Sars, one of the editors at TWOP has a really great fundraising drive/ contest going on. The goal is to raise $25,000 for schools. As of right now (Tues, March 21, 12:27pm PST) there is only somewhere around $800 left to go for that. If the drive reaches $30,000, Sars will shave her head. Now, many of you may not know who or what any of these things or people are, that doesn’t matter. What matters is this is a great way to help out kids and schools and really hard working teachers and it is a way for a whole bunch of people to each put in a little bit of money to make a ridiculously huge pile of cash to buy computers, and baseball cleats, and media equipment, and go on really awesome filed trips, and PING PONG! For the love of ping-pong people, check it out. You can just give them $5 if that’s what you can spare, that’s the beauty of this site. The last time I donated to this site I helped a science class get microscopes and the teacher sent me the nicest email with a picture of his students using the ‘scopes (to be fair it was a mass email to everyone who donated, but it was still so nice and the kids were darling.).

Ok, the PSA is finished. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Actually, we may end on that today because, really, I got nothin’.

ETA: Wow, the original chalenge has been filled already. Still want in on the action? Go here

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