2006-03-16 - 5:04 p.m.

I just can’t win here. Production Guy just left after dressing me down for sending a woman who called with a request about a job to one of our partner companies. For the last year every time I sent a job to Production Guy he would tell me he just didn’t have time for these “small potatoes” jobs, that he just couldn’t be bothered with them. He wouldn’t even call the customer back. So, I stopped sending them to him and started forwarding them along to a smaller design company we work with a lot, so we at least get the gear rental. Now, I am getting dressed down for not asking Production Guy before I do so. Last month he didn’t want me to do that, but did he say these things had changed? Of course not. I was just supposed to know this, or maybe little office elves were supposed to pass it along, I don’t know. This is the most frustrating thing about working here. No one ever tells me very important information, because I’m not a “manager” but then expects me to operate as if I have it anyway. When I try to point this out, I am flat out ignored or I am told that I am wrong. My direct manager sees this happening, but they don’t really seem to listen to him about these things either. Just can’t win.

I have a final tonight. I am very nervous. My wonderful, lovely friend, who is a computer programmer for a living, and super duper smart, helped me study last night. I think it helped a lot, but I’m still not very confident. I have to put together my cheat sheet that we are allowed to bring in with us. The teacher said the test wouldn’t last more than an hour. I’m glad. More than that and I would go crazy! Wish me luck.

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