I Want It NOW
2006-02-06 - 4:55 p.m.

I went to a very fun Super Bowl part yesterday. Thanks Arweena and Tart! There was much yummy food, and football and board games and a good time was had. Unfortunately, I did not get my homework done. I knew it was rather futile to bring the heavy ass backpack with all of the work, but I had the best of intentions.

Well, I have been working almost every night this week, which basically means I have not gotten the assignment that is due at midnight tonight completed yet. This is bad. My goal was to stay a week ahead because I am going to have a rough time the once Theater Festival starts and I want a freaking A and I donít want to have to take the written final. On top, I have an extra long production meeting tonight, so the few hours before bed I thought Iíd have are gone. This means I have about an hour and a half before the meeting to get everything finished. I really donít know if I can do it that fast. It isnít very long, but I really do not understand what Iím doing with all of this so it takes much longer than it really should. Iím hoping I can find a table at Starbucks (wish me luck on that one) where I can put on the walkman and just work for the time I have and get as close to finished as possible. This is the part of school I forgot about.

I think I might take my computer by the theater sometime in the next whenever and see if I get a wireless signal inside. Itís sort of a long shot, but there are enough offices and such nearby that I might get lucky. Then I can try to work on the assignments for those weeks in the few random minutes here and there. The sound guy is also a total computer genius, so maybe he can help me figure out what Iím doing and then it wonít seem so strange anymore. Hereís hoping.

In completely unrelated news, I hate waiting for email responses. When you really need someone to get back to you about something and you wait and waitÖ weíve become such an instant gratification society when it comes to communication. Iíve been obsessively checking my email every five minutes today thinking, ďDammit! Check your freaking email! I sent this at 8am, for crying out loud!Ē Yes, there are that many exclamation points in my head. It is funny, though. I am pissed that this poor person doesnít check their email every five minutes and respond immediately. Iíve noticed that that is just how things are with email these days. Everyone sort of figures that it is something everyone has pretty much instant access to and that we should be responding with all due haste to every message that pops into the inbox. There are times here at work when someone will send me a message and I just donít notice it for a little while, by the time I check it, say when I get back from lunch or whenever, there are six more messages from the because they are concerned that they sent the message three hours ago and I havenít responded yet. It always pisses me off, but now here I am doing basically the same thing (though in my defense I havenít sent any other follow up emails, I know he got it, Iím just impatient).

I need to get on it and see more movies. Iím falling behind! Well, it ainít gonna happen this weekend. Or next, probably.

It is almost time to pack up and if Iím going to get a good table at Ďbucks I need to get there as soon as possible so I need to tie up my few loose ends here and get a goiní.

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