Two Left!
2005-12-22 - 4:53 p.m.

Book # 48 is The Magicianís nephew by C. S. Lewis. This is the first in the Chronicles of Narnia. I never read the books as a kid, they just were never really on my radar for whatever reason. I did see an animated version of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe when I was younger, but that was my only exposure to them. Apparently, I was in the minority. I read this one, well, because it is book #1. Iíll read the next one before I go see the movie. These are good books. I like the stories, though I think I would be a little more enthralled of I was introduced to the characters when I was younger. I do love the scene where the animals (or to take a cue from Wicked Animals) are trying to figure out if Uncle Andrew is ďanimal vegetable or mineralĒ and decide he is a tree and bury him so he can grow happily. Only two left. Only a week and a half left. Can I do it? I think so.

Christmas is three days away. I am 99% ready. I have to mail a few things, and buy one more gift, but other than that, finished. Well, I have cookies I can make if I feel like it, though I may not. I also havenít gotten to cards yet. Iíll just turn them into New Years cards and aim for that. Or not. I never put anything interesting in them. This year has also been rather uneventful, so there isnít much to talk about in Holiday Card Terms. Eh, weíll see. I may get ambitious. I donít even have a tree this year, though, so I donít know how ambitious Iíll be. Right now all my presents are piled next to the Comfy Chair like a little shrine. Itís actually sort of cute in itís own way. The Altar of Comfyness.

My present to myself is to finally, really clean my room. Throw out the old junk and reorganize the closets and everything. Iíve been doing some of it piece by piece, but it is time for the final push to just finish it already. I may even move some of the furniture around. I kind of like how it is now, but I may do a bit of tweaking. Iíve adopted an archive file, and I need to find somewhere to put that. It may just go under the bed. That, of course, means getting all the crap out from under the bed. I need a Roomba. If anyone wants to get me one Iíll be your friend forever.

I am at work on my own today, Minion 2.0 went to visit his familia for the holiday. It is really dead today. It is only noon and I only have one more order left to go out. Christmas is sort of a funny time here. This is my fourth. Two of them (including this one, so far) were so dead you could shoot a cannon through here and not hit anything. The other two were Psychotic. Last minute customers walking in every five minutes looking for stuff for their church services. I think this one will be calm, though because with Christmas on Sunday, I think people remembered to plan ahead a bit more just because they are already in the mindset of ďlots of places close on the weekendsĒ then add the ďalmost everyone is closed over the holidayĒ so that kicks their butts into planning ahead. The most exciting thing so far today has been the DHL delivery. Itís good, though, because Iím able to get ahead on all the end of the year stuff. We switched to a Jan-Dec calendar last year (from the April- March tax one) and itís still a little dicey. Nothing major, but always that bit of ďwait, all of that has to be done this week for the end of the year! But itís a short week because of the holiday! Díoh!Ē Again, nothing crazy, just the basic housekeeping, but then I also do my own paperwork just so I have an idea of how things are going just in this department without going through accounting. Just my own point of reference stuff. Itís also to try to help me find holes in our process for reordering and stuff like that. Not vital, but keeping current on it makes things go a lot easier.

I need to go see movies these next couple of days. There are several I want to see and I should just go now while my life is a little bit quiet.

The year is almost over! I just realized yesterday was the one year anniversary of my online journal! Yay me. Iíve been better at keeping this one up than I have ever been with a paper journal.

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