Pointless Entry
2005-12-15 - 7:18 p.m.

OK, logging a few overtime hours and stopping for a moment to let my eyes uncross from the evil blue screen of DOS. Hee, that rhymed.

I tend to be a packrat, as I have mentioned before. This includes keeping pieces of paper which may be necessary “sometime in the future.” Invariably, though, I end up throwing a way or misplacing the really important papers but keeping ready at hand piles of paper that have long outlived their usefulness. I am trying to remedy this. I am also trying to remedy my horrible habit of writing down phone numbers without the names that go with them. I do this with other numbers, too, but phone numbers are the most confusing. Especially when I’m looking at three different post its with three different phone numbers knowing one of tem has the number I need but not knowing which one because I didn’t write the name on the paper because when I wrote it I knew exactly who’s number it was so it didn’t occur to me to put the name on the slip. Yes, it sounds silly when I write it out like that, but in the moment it is perfectly justified. Anyway, the point of this is that as I stare at the evil blue screen of DOS I am also trying to tidy up my desk a bit and tie up some loose ends paperwork wise. I’ve already thrown away about six numbers I have to hope I don’t need because I have no idea who they belong to anyway. Murphy’s Law now guarantees I will absolutely need one of those numbers tomorrow.

OK, I really need to get home and start my laundry. So, I will end this rather pointless entry here and go home now.

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