Me Time
2005-12-05 - 5:09 p.m.

Book # 44 finished. So… Very… Close... Must... Keep... Reading... 6... Books... To... Go… Anyway, #44 is The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith, the same guy who writes the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books. I like the No. 1 Ladies better, but this was also a good book with a good mystery and fun characters. This one is set in Scotland instead of Botswana and the folks are much posher and no one got a 98% at the secretary college, but it is still very good and a fast read.

I had the best night home by myself last night. I ordered pizza and rented Sin City and House of Flying Daggers and bought a duraflame log and marshmallows and graham crackers and chocolate and I stayed up way too late eating s’mores and pizza and watching movies and drinking Diet Coke in my pajamas. I ate way too much and my stomach is a bit unhappy this morning, but I don’t care. I had a great night. As for the movies, well, I’m not sure how I feel about Sin City. Parts of it I really liked and once I got into the whole psudo noir thing they were doing I liked that too, and I really like the color thing they did, but I don’t know, parts of it I was totally into and other parts I was sitting there thinking “the hell?” I think I should watch it again. All I can really say is: Elijah Wood is creepy as hell. Oh, and Rory is in it! And she doesn’t mumble and she’s a hooker! Awesome.

The House of Flying Daggers is awesome. I don’t really understand what happened at the end, but it is a good movie, sort of a fucked up Romeo and Juliet. In Mandarin. With bad ass kung fu. And women who totally rock, unlike that passive aggressive twit Juliet. Anyway, I love Ziyi Zhang. She has this awesome expression she makes that basically says “Listen assholes I’m trying to do the honorable thing here and I have a plan of my own and I can take care of myself, so will you stupid boys please just stop getting in my way.” That girl can do no wrong in my book. I even liked her in Rush Hour 2.

I love quality time by myself, especially when it’s kinda cold and you don’t want to go out, and it’s Sunday, so you couldn’t stay that late anyway, and you really just want a hot shower and some junk food and the TV. I also love that I didn’t have to walk more than four blocks to get any of it. Well, to be fair, the pizza came to me, and that was further away, but everything else I got on my street. I also was able to clean up a bit. Nothing major, but while the movies were going I sorted through the magazines and threw out anything over four months old

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