And Still More Books
2005-11-17 - 4:42 p.m.

More Books completed! #40 is Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire. Wicked is still his best book, without a doubt, but this one was fun. He incorporated the whole land grab thing going on in Italy in the 1500’s, which was kind of fun for me because I have just finished The Prince which was all about the same thing. The plot is a little strange and a bit hard to follow what is happening at some points, especially the end, but it was still good. A very fast read.

#41 is Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There. Really good, interesting book. It’s about how over the last twenty or so years there has been a shift in the ruling class. The “Old Money” doesn’t hold the sway it used to and that has changed what is viewed as elite, etc. Bobo stands for “Bohemian Bourgeoisie” which is how the author describes the new ruling class. It is a good description.

So, I have to read 9 books in a month and a half. I am cutting it close. I think it’s doable, though. I need to get some more short story collections or something. I didn’t really start this until the 18th of January, but I had already started a book at that point, but if I need to run over New Years by a week or so, well, I’ll still consider this challenge a success.

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving weekend. So far I haven’t planned a single thing, and I don’t think I’m going to. I’m going to try to be as mellow as humanly possible. I need to have a few days of down time with absolutely nothing to do except go to Green Apple and get 9 books to finish the year. Actually, what I really need to do is get a library card and 9 books to finish the year. I need to check library hours for that weekend. Or not, because that would be a plan, and I am not going to make plans for the weekend. Hee.

My skin is an absolute mess right now and I’m not sure why. I’m breaking out for no good reason and I don’t like it.

Cuckoo’s Nest is up and running and seems to be a success. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the set. Everyone seemed really impressed with it. I was sort of eh about it until opening day, when we went through and did the little touch ups and added the tiny details, like the baseboards and the diplomas in the Nurses’ station. That really brought it all together and made it feel “finished.” The lighting finally came together and we found enough circuits to run all the fog machines as well, so I can be pretty happy with it. Man, I am not doing both set and lights at the same time again for a long time, though. Well, at least not right after the theater has been renovated, anyway.

I have been so lazy today. I think I’m just still really tired. I haven’t been able to come home and just chill yet since before tech week.

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