100 Things About Me
2005-11-04 - 4:44 p.m.

This is my (drumroll, please) 100th entry! Yay! OK, so I will follow the herd here on DL and make a ď100 Things About MeĒ List.

1. I am 28 years old right now (September 30, 1977)
2. I have really dark brown hair, almost black, but itís a lot lighter since my sister dyed it.
3. I have one sibling, my younger sister.
4. I have a Bachelorís Degree in Theater Arts.
5. I have always lived in California, though I have traveled to other places.
6. Extreme temperatures are not my friends. Over 85 degrees or under 55 no es bueno. That is why I live in California, especially San Francisco.
7. I used to be almost fluent in German. I studied it for 6 years. Now Iím pretty rusty as I havenít really been able to use it in almost as long.
8. I have been single for over 5 years.
9. This does not bother meÖ most of the time.
10. I like Opera.
11. I also like just about every other kind of music on the planet. Not every song, or every band, but every genre. I am really the opposite of a music snob.
12. Despite all that, I rarely listen to music unless Iím in my car, at the gym, or cooking something really involved.
13. I like to cook, just not for only myself.
14. I have one roommate.
15. I am afraid of tall ladders, yet I work in a field that requires me to climb them a lot.
16. Apparently, I am a bit of a masochist.
17. For one class in college our grade was based on a huge paper we wrote in two parts, one for midterms, the other for finals. Mine was over 75 pages when it was finished. It was twice as long as the play that was itís subject.
18. I am a theater nerd.
19. I love to read. It doesnít really matter what. I read shampoo bottles in the shower.
20. I have worn glasses since I was six years old. My first pair was pink.
21. I am so pale I get sunburned if Iím in the sun for more than an hour.
22. I donít like coffee and I only drink tea if Iím sick. Except for Chai, I do like that.
23. I drink way too much Diet Pepsi. I donít really like Diet Coke.
24. I have really green eyes. Itís actually one of the things Iíve always really liked about my face, the color of my eyes.
25. When I get really bored I make up stories in my head. Sometimes theyíre about characters from other book, fan-fic like, I guess, sometimes I make up the people. The stories are usually really silly and I am always the heroine.
26. Most of the time, I like taking the bus places.
27. I hate waiting for the bus.
28. I really like to people watch.
29. I went to college in Humboldt County, but was never a pothead.
30. When I get nervous I get sick to my stomach. This was very inconvenient during finals in school.
31. If money and relocation wasnít an issue I would go back to school tomorrow; but Iím not sure if I would still study theater.
32. I am really close with my family.
33. There is a Mylar palm tree hanging in my office.
34. For a while I was a substitute elementary school teacher.
35. My first job out of High School was as a flower delivery person.
36. I went to Europe in 1998.
37. I try very hard not to whine, but I donít always succeed.
38. I get very irked when customers take my pen at work.
39. I am very good at napping in my car.
40. I used to never be able to sleep in a car or on a plane. Then I went on tour. Now it is no problem.
41. I have slept on the floor in an empty airport gate.
42. I have slept on a park bench in Switzerland.
43. Sleep is very important to me.
44. I was in 4-H in Middle and High School.
45. I was in the Color Guard in High School.
46. I know how to sew. My grandmother taught me.
47. I know how to draw. My mother taught me.
48. I know how to change my carís oil and brake pads. My dad taught me.
49. I, however, almost never change my carís oil and brake pads. I take it to Jiffy Lube like everyone else. I would have to put my car up on blocks for me to do it, and that is a pain in the ass.
50. I like to talk about myself more than I care to admit.
51. I am more likely to tell a stranger a deep, dark secret than a close friend.
52. I donít generally like reality shows, but I am addicted to Americaís Next Top Model.
53. I have never watched a season of Survivor.
54. I am the worldís best procrastinator when I donít want to do something.
55. I am NOT a morning person.
56. I become ridiculously attached to inanimate objects.
57. My first dogís name was Nikki. She was a big, fluffy Samoyed mix.
58. My first catís name was Josephine, she was a pretty Heinz 57 calico with half of her face having grey and black stripes and the other half with orange and brown.
59. My first rabbitís name was Tyson. He was a Himalayan with a white body, pink eyes and black ears, feet and nose. He box trained himself before he was 3 months old. He was very smart.
60. I get mad at myself because I think I am very lazy sometimes.
61. I donít photograph well. Sort of like Chandler on Friends.
62. I laugh when Iím nervous or upset.
63. I get very cranky when Iím sick.
64. I want to learn to do a handstand but I canít find anywhere to practice.
65. I pretend to be a lot tougher than I actually am.
66. I canít remember what I had for dinner last night but I can tell you what color shirt you were wearing when I met you ten years ago.
67. I love Jeopardy.
68. I have a plan for what I would do if I won the lottery, but Iíve only bought a ticket once. I didnít win.
69. I have never been to Los Vegas. Iím not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I think it might just be a thing.
70. I love going to movies alone. Going with other people is fun too, but I really like going alone.
71. I also like traveling alone.
72. I hate talking about money. It almost makes me want to cry sometimes. This may be part of the reason why I really donít have a lot of money.
73. I can be borderline OCD sometimes about certain things. My CDs are alphabetized by artist. If one of them gets moved I know immediately and canít let it go until I have fixed it.
74. At the same time, my bedroom floor is such a mess I have to make a path to my bed.
75. I love Cheeseburgers.
76. I wear jeans probably 300 days a year. I feel this should not be, but at the same time, I really like them. They are comfy and I canít clash.
77. I own far too many sweaters. However, I like sweaters, they keep me warm and they go with jeans.
78. I can be very stubborn.
79. I am very absentminded, especially in the morning.
80. I donít always know what time it is by instinct, but if you tell me to come back in 5 minutes I will be correct within about 20 seconds without looking at a clock. I donít know why I can do this.
81. I have no internal alarm clock whatsoever. I have been getting up at the exact same time 5 days a week for three years, but if my alarm doesnít go off for whatever reason I will not wake up on my own. Never. It kind of sucks.
82. I wish cared more about how I look and dress, but I just canít. Iíll make an effort for a few days, but then itís back to the jean and t-shirt and ponytail routine. I sort of envy those women who take the time to make themselves look nice on a pretty regular basis. Not the ones who wonít leave the house without makeup, thatís crazy, but the ones who generally look put together and make it look effortless.
83. I canít decide if I want to have children or not. I suppose I really shouldnít worry to much about this until I can manage a relationship for more than eight months.
84. My longest relationship was eight months.
85. I have never been the dumper, only the dumpee. Sometimes I saw it coming and knew it was just who was going to say it, other times it hit me out of the blue. I donít know why it has worked out this way, but it has.
86. I tend to pout when Iím not happy, but I donít realize Iím doing it until my mom says ďStop pouting already!Ē
87. I like to start crafty, fun projects, but then it takes me forever to finish them.
88. I donít like talking on the phone. Not for very long, anyway.
89. I love going to visit friends, but then I always feel like Iím imposing after a day or so. However, if a friend is staying with me, I never want them to leave.
90. I start to get really surly if I donít get to have time all by myself for a while.
91. Iím not a very good flirt when Iím trying to get a particular personís attention.
92. I love making graphs and flowcharts. I will spend all day working on one. Iím actually saving up to take an Excel class so I can make them EVEN BETTER.
93. I bite my nails. Iíve been trying to quit off and on since I was 10, but it has never stuck.
94. I have always resisted music technology. I didnít have a CD player until í95, then I didnít get a discman until í00. Now Iím putting off getting an ipod as long as I can. (Heh. Word doesnít recognize ďipodĒ as a word. I think Bill Gates is just jealous)
95. The only time I ever wish I had an ipod is when Iím at the gym. Holding my CD player gets old and I have one of those belt things to hold it, but I feel sort of like Iím wearing a fanny pack with that thing.
96. I have also resisted buying things online. I have in the past, and I will again, but Iím really into instant gratification, so if I want to get something I want to go to the store, pick it out, and take it home and use it that day, not three to five days later.
97. I do, however love to receive things in the mail or from UPS. Itís like a present, even if I bought it. I do need to reconcile these two.
98. I didnít like Napoleon Dynamite. I didnít hate it, but I SO donít see what the big deal is and for most of the movie I was sitting there thinking ďWhat the hell is all this?Ē I grew up in the right era, but I guess not in the right neighborhood or something. I did love the girlfriend from Detroit, though.
99. I donít like asparagus or artichokes. In California, that makes you weird.
100. I had my tarot cards read in New Orleans and the guy (who was very nice) told me that Dragonflies represent my potential and Mountain Lions represent my life force. I know itís silly, but since then Iíve sort of kept those two animals as my symbols and I like to get things with those animals on them.

Wow, I really made it to 100. Happy 100th entry to me!!

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