Long Strange Entry
2005-10-07 - 12:04 p.m.

Work was crazy last month, but at least itís paying off. We did the most business last month of any month so far; and compared to September last year? Kicked itís ass. This makes me happy not only because it is good for the department, but because I have been keeping tabs on this year compared to last year as a benchmark for myself. This time last year Obnoxious Co-worker was more or less in charge. The numbers from last year are slightly skewed just in that he brought some of his stuff over from the other department and that got counted in with our totals, but not too much so and I have felt that while I was here on my own and while Minion 2.0 was getting trained, hell, if I could even keep up with last year I was doing better than OC (hee. O.C. He would definitely be obnoxious Marissa. Can I be Julie Cooper? Not broke, widowed Julie, rich bitchy Julie.). So, now the proof is sort of in the pudding, since Minion is pretty much up and running at this point and now our numbers are just killing last years. I am really quite relieved. Now, we really have to see if we can keep it up for the rest of the year. If so, I will definitely be able to log this mission a success. I donít want to put too much information out on this, I donít want to get fired or accused of selling secrets or anything, but I am proud of myself, so I just want to crow about it a bit.

I havenít finished another book yet. Iíve been tackling a couple of hard ones, not long, but dense, and theyíre slowing me down. I did have a lovely hour or so yesterday after work. It was really so nice out I didnít want to go home right away, so I found a secluded-ish corner of the park where I could sit in the sun and read my book and enjoy the summer we are finally getting. It was very relaxing. I think I might try to do this again this weekend, when I can spend more time and not just the hour before sunset. I really like the park, too. Iím always finding new places that I didnít know existed.

I decorated the department for Halloween today. Weíve never really decorated for holidays, but my mom gave me all this stuff she bought on clearance the day after Halloween last year, so I brought it in. We have cobwebs on everything, orange twinkle lights, and light up spiders. We also brought in one of our flame bowls from the shop and put up our usual witch gobo. It actually looks pretty neat. We also have a real pumpkin that I might get up the gumption and carve a little closer to the end of the month. I think I also need to see if I can find a black cat to put somewhere or something.

Just so everyone knows, I have now been writing this entry for three days. I started it Wednesday and have been adding to it ever since. Um, yeah, Iím lame. So, on that note, Iím just going to post this already and get on with life.

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