It's Hot
2005-09-29 - 4:59 p.m.

Book # 34 in the Bag. It is The Books of Blood, Volume One by Clive Barker. Shut up. I actually read this about 5 or 6 years ago but I had forgotten every single story in it. The thing is, stuff like this is very rarely scary for me. They are fun, weird stories, but not scary. There was one I especially liked, it is about a demon who has been sent from hell to drive the most boring man on the planet crazy. He doesnít understand why he has to do it, but it is proving to be impossible because he is SO BORING and SO LITERAL and SO PASSIVE he refuses to believe the weird things happening around him are caused by anything supernatural. It turns out, though, the guy knows exactly what is going on and is actually fucking with the demonís head in order to drive him crazy and force him to make a mistake and lose his powers. It was very clever.

Iím already ready for the week to be over. Iíve been trying to cut back on my caffeine intake and I think Iím starting to feel it. I just need to tell myself itís for the best, no matter how much it sucks.

It is so hot in our office right now. I donít even want to move. How is it tat a retail space would have absolutely no climate control? Ugh.

Well, I get to leave now. This was really a pointless entry. Sorry, Iíll try to do better next time.

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