Passing Time
2005-09-21 - 5:00 p.m.

I have a few things I need to finish today but I really just donít want to do them anymore. None of them are so vital that anything will be screwed up if I just do them first thing tomorrow, but I really shouldnít procrastinate as much as I have been lately.

Iíve been trying to eat better lately. Itís been going only soso. Iím doing better at work, Iíve been bringing celery, carrots and yogurt and leaving them in the refrigerator here (That is a slightly scary step of faith, considering the level of sanitation in the breakroom, but whatever) that way I am not as tempted to have cupcakes for breakfast and candy bars for snacks just because it is the only thing around. At home, tough, Iím not doing so well. A little better than I the past, but, really, only marginally better. Iíve been doing a lot of soup and sandwiches, which isnít horrible, but there are better things to eat every night. I have just really had no imagination or drive when it comes to food lately. It is just sustenance I put in my belly so I donít wake up hungry at 2am. I should be able to make myself a decent meal tonight, though. I thought I had to be somewhere but now I donít, so I can stop at the store and make some plans.

Part of the problem is our kitchen really needs to be cleaned right now and it is sort of squicking me out. I love Lovely Roommate very much, but as with all roommate situations, folks have little quirks that makes living with them interesting. LR hates to do dishes. I do to, but I usually do them at least once a week, just to keep my sanity and an ample supply of pots and pans. I know many of you are saying, ďewwww, once a week? Gross!Ē Tough. It works for me and Iím not infested with bugs (knock wood) so Iíll do what I want. Anyway, LR hasnít done dishes in at least three weeks at this point. It is starting to get a bit irksome.

Our entire counter is covered with dirty dishes and only two or three of them are mine. The other problem is we have very limited counter space, so if I need to place things by the sink I try to stack and consolidate them as much as possible so that there is still plenty of space that isnít all icked up. LR strews them everywhere, so the entire counter is filled, including the cutting board. I canít even open the door of the toaster oven right now. So, every once in a while I consolidate to make room for cooking, but then I need to scrub the counter because I get a bit nervous about putting food down in a place where a dirty dish has been sitting spreading whatever for three weeks. I know Iím a bit paranoid about that, but hey, quirks, remember? Iím kind of perplexed by this a bit as well, because LR insists on washing everything in almost boiling water to make sure to kill salmonella et al (not a bad thing) but she will prepare the food she is about to eat right next to the dirty chicken plate for a week. I donít get it. The other thing that bugs is she has weeks worth of dishes right now, not all of them will fit in the dish rack. When I get into this situation, I wash what will fit, give it 5 minutes, dry any thing that isnít totally dry, put the clean stuff away, then keep going until all of them are washed. Lately she will wash enough to fill the rack, then stop and not finish the rest of them and not do any of them again for two weeks. This means there hasnít been a point when there werenít dishes on the counter for over a month.

The most frustrating thing right now, though, is the fact that she just quit her job. The girl is home all day and it still looks like that. It is getting to be a bit much to have to come home every night hearing her say she didnít move from the couch all day and the huge mess still in the kitchen. Though, I guess it is hard to clean the kitchen from the couch. Hee.

I know all the things I should be doing to solve this problem right now, but honestly, I just really donít have the energy just now. I figure, she has this week to mope around and freak out about being jobless, but Iím going to clean up my part of the mess tonight and hers had better be gone by the end of the weekend or Iím going to put a foot down. That seems fair enough, though this isnít really a symptom of her joblessness, this has been our only real issue since she moved in, though the volume waxes and wanes. Well, that and if she had her way she would run the heater every day to keep our house at 85 degrees. Yeah, this is SF, it is never 85 degrees on itís own. I sweat uncomfortably at that temperature, which is why I live here, not to mention Iím really not too fond of $250 electricity bills. I figure, though, if these are my biggest problems, Iím probably doing ok. I just really want the kitchen cleaned up.

OK, end of rant. That was a long one, eh? I actually feel better now. I havenít really said anything to anyone about this because Iím trying to just not deal with it right now, but I guess it has been building up a bit.

I totally screwed up last night. I was supposed to be at a meeting at the school I work for, but I had written it down for another night. This morning I get an email from the director, ďWhy werenít you at the meeting? Is everything ok?Ē I was so very confused until I figured out that I just wrote down the wrong night. Díoh. Iím a dork. The funny thing is, I remembered I had paperwork due yesterday and messengered it over so they would get it before the school closed. It didnít even occur to me that that would be the due date because I should have been over there that evening anyway. I really felt stupid when I figured that out. That was a pricey mistake. Oh well.

It is time to go home now.

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