Nothing Special
2005-09-12 - 4:20 p.m.

Iím taking tomorrow off as a personal day and I keep forgetting this. I keep telling myself, ďThen you can check on that tomorrowÖ no wait, you have to make sure itís right today, you wonít be here tomorrow.Ē Iím trying to make sure all my ducks are in a row by the end of the day so things will go smoothly tomorrow. I have a doctorís appointment and a computer training clinic and between the two I need to try to get a few other things done too. Even my days off are packed. Iíve put a good dent into the drafting, but I think I may still be a plate or two short by tomorrow when I got to turn them in before the computer training. I just hope I can find a decent large format copier before then. It turns out the Kinkos near the school has a million year old one that canít pick up pencil on vellum. Useless! The one I really like is out by my parentsí house and I am NOT driving out there just to make copies. I think I remember having good luck with one in the Castro, so I may try that. If not there is one on Van Ness that I remember working pretty well last year. Ah, the glamorous life in entertainment: cataloging all the large format copiers in the city and grading them on model quality and how often the staff cleans the rollers (so they donít smudge the pencil).

I have a friend of mine coming to visit next weekend, Iím looking forward to that. I havenít seen him for three years, so Iím excited. Heís coming to town to see his family, but I get a day too.

Bob Saget was absolutely hilarious on Friday night. I donít think I stopped laughing the whole time. We had to sit across the isle from these girls who were pretty much drunk off their asses when they came through the door, then added the two drink minimum on top of that. They were all screechy and talking at the top of their voices, oh, and did you know something?! One of them went to school with the waitress! Oh my God! What a coincidence! Itís, like, such a small world! Yeah. I was really annoyed until one of them totally tripped over her own purse trying to get out of the row to go to the bathroom, and then I just laughed at them. Anyway, the opening act was also very funny. I need to look up his name because he cracked me up too. All in all, great evening. You should go see Bob Saget if he comes to your town. Or donít. Itís really up to you. But I had fun. So, yeah.

I had to read about a million one acts this week, so I havenít read any more books. We have a big culling of the herd meeting tonight, and Iím not sure where we go from there, since this is my first time on the reading committee. Itís an interesting process. The only problem is that I havenít been getting all of the emails, so I am a little lost on the process, but I took good notes on my plays, so I think Iíll be ok.

I got the greatest sweater over the weekend. It is slate blue with little bits of white and other shades of blue. It zips up the front and has a sailor collar. I love it. It is warm and soft and pretty. Not sure where Iím going with that thought, but I was thinking about it.

I really feel sort of blah today. I wish I could just go home instead of going to the meeting tonight, but I made a commitment, so I need to be a grown up. Sigh. Responsibility. Itís probably a good thing I donít have kids or anything, eh? ďI just donít WANT to make dinner, but, gah, I guess you want to eat, eh? Sigh. Iíll come up with something.Ē Hee.
I think I am running out of ramblings now. Huh. Well, until next time.

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